Kinder Cubs Newsletter

Week Twenty-Nine: April 19-April 23

Weekly Curriculum

Happy Earth Day! This week, we will focus on actions that we can take to be more sustainable and kind to our Earth. Activities will take place during ELA, Math and Big Ideas lessons.

For Math, we will introduce subtraction by decomposing numbers up to ten. We have so many fun, hands-on activities planned for this concept! For ELA, we will write multiple sentences as a whole class and in small groups.

During asynchronous learning times, we will encourage your child to practice previously introduced content using the resources below. We have included these for you as well if you would like to review these concepts with your child. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Last but not least, we want to reinforce our mantra of the power of play. Kindergarten is a time of great academic development. It is also a time when children form and solidify connections with their peers, develop social skills, and strengthen their ability to communicate their observations and thoughts. Play is an integral part of our day, as it nurtures social and emotional development. During this week at home, we encourage the balance of academic development with social and emotional development through play.

Dance Fit Boosterthon Incentives

Monday - Hat Day

Tuesday - Bring your Lovey Day

Wednesday - Team Spirit Day (wear your favorite team jersey or anything you love!)

Thursday - PJ Day

Friday - Crazy Sock Day


Daily Reading Log

Please print!

Sight Words Flash Cards

Updated list--please print out to practice at home!


Materials Needed

  • Lined and/or plain paper
  • Pencil
  • Crayons or Colored Pencils
  • Printable Materials
  • Play-Doh
  • Red and Yellow Counting Chips or countable objects
  • Empty paper towel roll, empty toilet paper roll and/or empty plastic water bottle
  • Tennis balls (or smaller balls)


This week, all Kindergarten classes will have Library with Ms. Saenz.

Ms. Burbridge's Class: Thursday at 10am

Mrs. Ciampi's Class: Tuesday at 10am

Mrs. Essenburg's Class: Tuesday at 1pm

Ms. Spalla's Class: Wednesday at 10am

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 871 8753 3272

Passcode: books

April Specials

MAP Testing

This Tuesday, April 20th, all kindergarten students will be taking the MAP Reading Fluency Assessment. MAP Reading Fluency is an adaptive universal screening and progress monitoring assessment that will give a clear view of each student’s literacy and reading foundational skills as well as their learning needs. In regards to instruction, the data will only be used by teachers to monitor your child’s growth and identify your child’s individual learning needs. The MAP Reading Fluency is also used as Step 1 of our Dyslexia Screening, which is required by the state of Texas. Step 2 will be the MAP Growth Assessment, which all kindergarten students will take in May.

In-person students will take the assessment in our classrooms starting at 8:15am on Tuesday, April 20th. Remote students will need to take the assessment using their school iPad on Tuesday morning.

For remote students, we have provided a video with clear instructions on how to find the MAP Reading Assessment on their school iPad as well as information on how to login. Please review the following notes if your child will be taking this assessment remotely:

  • It is imperative that once the student starts, grownups or other children should leave the room.

    • Repeating directions to the student will change the accuracy of the results and data, so we ask that the assessment is completed independently by your child.

  • Students should take the assessment in a quiet space.

    • Please make sure that they are not around loud noises or siblings as this will affect the recording section.

Friendly Reminders

Please remember to send your child in with an extra mask, a snack, their water bottle, and their headphones.

All the best,

Ms. Burbridge, Mrs. Ciampi, Mrs. Essenburg and Ms. Spalla