Biographical Info

  • Born on April 6, 1483 in the city of Urbino, Italy.
  • Died April 6, 1520 on his 37th birthday.
  • Most of his time spent was in the city of Rome, doing commissions and paintings for the people of the city and his patrons.
  • Raphael studied with the master painters of the citys of Siena, Florence, and Perugia, mastering skills as a painter.
  • Raphael's lifestyle was very wealthy and elevated above others, being born to a successful artist.
  • His childhood involved him being surrounded by the talented and wealthy class of people, and he was lucky to receive a very good educations from different cities.
  • The art that was produced by Raphael consisted mainly of paintings and drawings, although one building of his design was built after his death. Some of his paintings are Holy Family Under an Oak Tree and Galatea.
  • He acquired many patrons that were happy to support him and his works he could create. Some of his patron were Pope Julius II, Pope Leo X, and Agostino Chigi.

Raphael's Artwork

The Triumph of Galatea

  • Painted in 1512 approximately.
  • One of Raphael's well known works.
  • It is about mythology.
  • The painting's mythology is based on an old poem.
  • The poem it is about is an old poem from Greek Mythology.
  • The scene that Raphael chose to paint was the point where Galatea appears triumphantly with many mythological sea creatures around her.
  • The painting is painted in a bright color scheme that reflects ancient Roman painting styles.
  • Raphael most likely was trying not to display Galatea as one human being, but more as the ideal of beauty itself, looking upwards triumphantly while others gaze on.

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