3 stages of prenatal developement

germinal, embryonic, and fetal


cells are dividing

-egg is implanting into uterus

-amnion, placenta, and umbilical cord are forming

-Mother misses period


-internal organs are forming

-vertabrae and spinal column forming

-limb buds are appearing

-eyes and ears are forming

-breasts begin to swell, experiences fatigue and morning sickness, and pressure on bladder from overgrwoing uterus

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Fetal ( 9-Birth)

-Limbs, Hands, feet, fingers, and toes forming

-facial features forming

-lanugo growing (peach fuzz)

-eyebrows and eyelashes growing

-Vernix covering body

-Growing rapidly during end of pregnancy

-Mother gains 10-12 pounds and aggressive apetite

How a baby develops during pregnancy

5 things mother should do to maintain health of her and baby

1. Eat healthy

2. do not drink, smoke, or any drugs

3. see a doctor annually

4. yoga or stress relieving activity

5. have financial situation settled

5 things a mom should not do during pregnancy

1. eat fatty and unhealthy foods

2. do any drugs, smoke or drink

3. skips doctor visits

4. drink any caffeine

5. sleep on stomach