Ecology Proejct

Parris Jaeger, 4th period, 5/25/2016

Food Web

  • A food web is a combination of 2 or more food chains linked together!!!!!!!!

  • Ex: Sun, Grass, Grasshopper, bunny, wolf, Decomposer and add another food chain.

Food Chain

  • A Food Chain is made of 3 living and non-living things in an Ecosystem.

  • Ex: Sun, Grass, Grasshopper, bunny, wolf, Decomposer.

Secondary Consumer

A carnivore that feeds only upon herbivores.

Ex: Snake , Frog , and other slimy animals

Primary Consumer

An animal that eats plants, considered in terms of its position in a food chain or a food web.

Ex: all animals that live on land

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