Zombie Survival Tips 101

By: Kayla Benkosky

Appalachian Highlands

Description: These mountains (region) is a great way to survive a zombie invasion. First of all what is this region like. This region has old eroded mountains that are full of trees, and many different plants. This region also has the oldest mountain range in North America. These mountains stretch from Canada to western Alabama.

Rating: I would rate this region for survival an 8/10.

Explanation: Why you say i rate it this, is because this region is full of rolling mountains. While were on the topic these mountains are full of many trees and wildlife. That's very good for your health and survival. These mountains are very high in elevation, which there taller than the surrounding land around it. It means it will be harder for zombies to reach you.

Places to go...

1 place that will be pretty safe is the Great Smoky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains

Description: These mountains are younger and much taller mountains, than the Appalachian Highlands. There rugged and pointed mountains. They contain the continental divide too. These mountains stretch all the way from Alaska to New Mexico.

Rating: I would rate this region for survival an 9/10.

Explanation: Why i would rate this region an 9/10 because these mountains are highly elevated, with the elevation of 1500 meters (4921.3 feet) at the highest point. As said these mountains are younger so they'll probably last a while. Yes, they may be rugged and pointed, but it will make it harder for zombies to get you. These mountains stretch for a very long time, from the top of Canada to the bottom of the U.S. Which means more people can travel on these mountains, to keep safe.

Places to go...

Location: Another great place to go to stay safe is, Angel Fire, New Mexico Ski Resort. This location is located in the lower parts of the rocky mountains, but there still great mountains to hide on.

Why: I believe you should go to this location since, well, it basically says it "Mountains". Mountains are such a great way to hide from zombies. Since mountains are highly elevated, you can hide on mountains , or even if zombies did find you, most likely you'll be able to run away from them, since they're pretty slow.

Supplies needed:

* Water

* Food

* Flashlight

* Battery

* First aid kit

* Medication

* Multi purpose supplies

* Ect.....

Game Plan: To stay safe at this location, make sure to do this to stay safe:

Shelter, no loud noises, no interacting with zombies, stay in a less populated area, do anything you have to do to survive, Last survive!

The Coastal Range

Description: This region is made up of rugged mountains,fertile valleys, and rocky beaches.

The mountains ranges: Sierra Nevades and the Cascades. This region stretches from Canada to Mexico.

Rating: I would rate this region for survival an 3/10

Explanation: This region is not the safest for survival if a zombie invasion did happen. Why cause it has large cities, for instance L.A and Hollywood. So most likely that region will be over populated with zombies, which won't be to good for you. It is located by the Pacific Coast, which you can most likely hop on a boat and travel somewhere else. This range does have some valleys you can hide in, but i would most likely leave this region.

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