Overpaid pros

we took a survey if people think that these people get paid to much and these are the results.


70 percent of the people say that pro sports players get payed to much. And only 30 percent shay they don't get payed to much. And just think of the people that don't have any money the pros are geting 15-20 million dollars when people on the street are geting 5 dollars in like a day.

Meet Kobe Bryant,Jay cutler and Derrick rose.


Even when rose experienced a devastating injurey he still got paid more then the average player.We think when your hurt you shouldn't get paid as much as you do when you are actually playing.but you should still earn money becuase if your hurt for a whole season you are not making money for a whole season of basketball.


Take the surveys blow and let's see what you think do you think pros are over paid.