Thank You!

We would like to extend a warm thank you to all parents that attended! If you didn't make it and would like to speak to us feel free to reach out to us! With all the information we shared last night we like to send out some highlights! If you have a question about anything please don't hesitate to contact us at anytime!

How will I know my child's progress?

This is a great question! Firstly, you can expect updated and ongoing progress to be reported from us regularly. That is why we stress communication! Also having access to the parent portal allows you to see grades that have been posted. If you do not have your parent portal logon from last year just send us an email and we will have the front office print you a new form. We update the parent portal about every two weeks. You will start to see grades on there within the next few weeks. The parent portal allows to see exactly where your child is as far as letter grade at all times! However, with that said there is much more important information that we like to share! For example, once we complete reading benchmark you will receive an updated level for your child. We will also share areas of strength and areas in need of improvement with you. If you want to know exactly what we are learning in each subject area check out the classroom website's front page it highlights where we start off in each subject area. It is also linked to this page below this paragraph.

How is my child's grade calculated for each subject area?

The second grade team uses the following percentages for the grades:


-Comprehension/ Skills & Strategy test: 40%

-Projects: 20%

Reading Journals, Reading Responses: 40%


-Classwork: 20%

-Topic Test: 80%

-Writing: 100%

-Writing Prompts

-Reader's Response Journal

-Writing Benchmarks

Science/ Social Studies 100%

- Projects

- Topic Test

*Remember to check parent portal for grades they are updates about every two weeks. We have not posted yet, but we will let you know as soon as we do. :)

How will I know when there will be a test?

There are two different kinds of assessment. We assess student both formally and informally. Informally assessment includes conferencing with students about their reading or writing, running records taken during guided reading, we frequently observe and use anecdotal notes to inform our instruction. We also have ways in which we formally assess. The standard kind of test that most are familiar with can occur at the end of a math chapter or reading unit. Anytime there is a test there is a correlating study guide that goes home that will help you help your child prepare for the test. We do not do any surprise test because the assessment is not created to stump the children, but rather a check for understanding! We will also share with you any pre-assessments that we do that are not calculated in the grade to show you where your child is at the start in compassion to the end of a topic in math.

Interventions & Contact Right Away!

If we identify a student in need of explicit instruction in any subject are we create what is called an intervention. This simply means we come up with a plan to help them in our classroom. We will reach out to you and notify you that we have a concern right away. We will also share ways in which you can help at home!

Reading Levels & Guided Reading

A cycle in guided reading last approximately one to two weeks. Every new cycle uses a next text on their highest instructional level. The skills we are working on are specific to that reading level. The starting level for second grade as you can see in this chart below is H/I and leaving second grade on level is L/M. We mentioned that for the first cycle we drop back on level because the first week of guided reading we are also practicing the routines and getting to know the students. Sometime student can be nervous to read in a small group with a new teacher. This builds up their confidence and lets us see there strengths and areas in need of improvement. For the first few cycles all groups are focus on self monitoring when they are reading, rereading if it does not make sense, fluency, and story elements like characters, setting, and sequence of events.
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MyOn Reader!

MyOn Reader home logons are coming soon! The district has purchased MyOn Reader and you can think of it as Netflix for books! These digital books can be read at home and in school. We can see who is reading and for how long they read! They can take assessments that will give us data about how they are progressing as a reader! This is something we would ask that parents encourage! We already showed the students the demo logon and they are really excited about this program! This is a super high interest program!
Creating magic with myON reader

JiJi Math!

As a district we also have a new program called Ji Ji Math! Check out this video that demonstrates how this program helps students get better at math in a very engaging way! Logons for this will also be coming home soon! We can also monitor student progress with this as well!
Welcome to ST Math

Ms. Williams Special Request

As I said during my introduction I am in my last semester of graduate school at Rowan University. I am studying to obtain my MA in Reading along with a Reading Specialist certificate. A requirement of graduation is that I complete a thesis. This thesis is based on what is called "action teacher research" from the classroom. The picture below is a visual of what teacher action research is. I will be sending home a letter explaining what my focus of study is. Please know that this is done through observations of their response to my teaching in literacy. This will be supervised by Mr. Davidson as well a Graduate professor.

I will be sending home a very detailed consent form on Monday for your consideration.

The letter on top will be from me about the study and the attached form is from Rowan University's Research Department. Please know that all personal information would be protected and no names of students will be used. It is completely optional and does not impact your child's grade in any form. If you decided to allow your child to participate it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! -Ms. Williams

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