Summer Paint & Play

July & August 2022

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We look forward to seeing you at Paint & Play.

We want you to enjoy yourselves and have a lovely time at SKIP over the summer. For everyone's comfort and well-being, we have provided some information below on the sessions, what to bring along and bad weather warnings, as well as our policies on health, refunds, parking, photos and siblings. Please take a moment to read through these, paying particular attention to the health guidelines in place this summer.

If someone else is bringing your child to paint & play, please ensure you forward this information on to him/her.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. You may email us at or speak to any of the staff during the session.

Dates & Times

Monday 4 July to Friday 12 August 2022

Morning sessions

Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 11.30am

Afternoon sessions

Tuesdays 2pm to 4pm

Thursdays in August, 2pm to 4pm

What to bring

  • Wear clothes suitable for the weather and for wet, messy play
  • Masks
  • Hat
  • Swimsuit (optional) – there will be lots of water play
  • A water bottle for yourself and your child that you can refill throughout the session
  • A drink and a small snack for your child
  • A spare set of clothes and a towel
  • Sun screen and mosquito repellent

About Paint & Play

  • 9.30am / 2pm: Meet and greet (Please wait outside until the teacher opens the gate)
  • 9.30am to 11am / 2pm to 3.30pm: Play time
  • 11am / 3.30pm: Tidy up time. Get changed.
  • 11.05am / 3.35pm: Snack time
  • 11.15am / 4.15pm: Circle time
  • 11.30am / 4.30pm: Home time

Play Time Activities

Arts & Crafts: painting, sticking, drawing, printing

Sensory play: sand, mud, play dough, slime and lots and lots of water

Active play: climbing, jumping, sliding, riding

Quiet play: small world play, puzzles, sorting, books

Tidy up at 11am

The playgroup leader will ring the bell at 11am / 3.30pm to signal that it is tidy up time. Please help your child to place toys in the washing baskets provided and, if necessary, dry and change children before snack time.

Snack time at 11.05am

Children may stop for snack time after toys and activities have been tidied and by sitting at tables that are set up in the front playground for this purpose. For health and safety reasons, children should NOT eat at any other time or location. Thank you.

Circle time

There will be a circle time with music and dancing to finish the session.

The SKIP Summer Team

Playgroup leaders:

Mornings: Sara

Afternoons: Claire

Support staff

Ivy and Claire

Health and Hygiene

To protect the health of children, their families and our staff, it is vital that we all work together to keep SKIP a safe environment. The following health and safety measures are currently in place:

  • On arrival, please wait outside until a member of staff opens the gate. All visitors will have temperatures checked and be asked to use hand sanitiser.
  • All adults are subject to Vaccine Pass requirements and will be asked to confirm vaccination status by scanning the QR code with the LeaveHomeSafe mobile app on entry.

  • Masks are required. All adults and children aged over 2 should wear a mask as required by the Hong Kong Government. We encourage younger children to wear a mask if possible, but this is at a parent's discretion. If a child is not wearing a mask, it is important that the accompanying adult remains extra vigilant of their child and helps them to keep socially distanced from others.
  • Outside play: Most activities are outside. Please wear clothes suitable for the weather and outside, messy play.
  • Social distancing: Avoid overcrowding, particularly in the classroom. Encourage your child to move on to another activity if there are too many in a certain area.
  • Accompanying adults: please remain vigilant. Encourage your child to move on to another activity if there are too many in a certain area. Any items placed into mouths should immediately be placed in a ‘washing’ basket.
  • Wash hands regularly throughout the session
  • Children may stop for snack time at about 11.05am / 3.35pm after toys and activities have been tidied and by sitting at tables that are set up in the front playground for this purpose. For health and safety reasons, children should NOT eat at any other time or location.
  • Health: Children should not attend school if they have a fever or are unwell, however mild the symptoms are (this includes a runny nose or cough). Children should be fever free without medication for at least 48 hours before returning to school after an illness.
  • Testing and home quarantine: Children should remain at home if any household member has Covid-19 or is undergoing mandatory testing or home quarantine.
  • Only one adult may accompany each child, unless prior approval has been obtained.

Bad weather

Schools are required to follow Education Bureau directives regarding the suspension of classes during inclement weather. As a general rule, kindergartens/preschools will be closed if a RED/BLACK rainstorm warning is raised before classes start or if a tropical cyclone signal 3 or higher is in force. You are advised to check the situation before leaving home by one of the following means:

Public announcements are made on radio/television stations, the Hong Kong Observatory website or mobile App “MyObservatory”, as well as on Education Bureau’s website

* * * * *

As a general guideline only, the following arrangements apply.

Rainstorm warnings

Amber: SKIP open and running as normal

Red or Black: Classes will be cancelled if a warning is raised on or before 8am / 12.30pm. If raised during the session, we will continue until the end of normal hours.

You are advised to exercise your discretion in deciding whether local conditions are safe enough to bring your child to school. Quite often there will be heavy rain and dangerous conditions affecting just the Sai Kung district which does meet the criteria needed to raise a rainstorm warning – in such circumstances, the Hong Kong Observatory/Education Bureau may make a special announcement on localized heavy rain and district school closure.

Tropical cyclones

Signal No. 1: SKIP open and running as normal

Signal No. 3 or higher: SKIP will be closed. If Signal No. 3 or higher is hoisted during class times, you should leave with your child as soon as possible.


Please park at the waterfront either before or within the Hong Kong Marina. If using the Hong Kong Marina carpark, please note this is a private club and parking privileges are dependent on us respecting club rules, in particular:

  • Parking is limited to your two hour class, or 15 minutes if dropping off/picking up children.
  • Do not use the Marina car park if you arrive early, or you intend to wait in your car whilst your child attends class. Please wait outside of this area.
  • Engines must be switched off immediately after parking (no idling engines).
  • No entry to the pontoons.
  • This concession applies to weekdays only.

Please also note there is NO parking on the access road to SKIP. This road is for residents, deliveries and emergency vehicles only.


There is no charge for babies under 1.

Other siblings are required to enroll in the class in their own right.

Fees and refunds

  • You will be offered a refund or catch up class if classes need to be cancelled for: Health and safety reasons due to an increase in Covid-19 cases in Hong Kong; or, Schools are closed due to typhoons or black/red rainstorm warnings
  • We do not offer refunds or catch up classes if you are unable to attend due to illness, a change of plans or unfavourable weather (unless schools are closed due to typhoon or black/red rainstorm warnings).
  • One month’s notice is required for a refund if cancelling a place.
  • There is no guarantee that we can change booked dates once you have confirmed with payment.
  • There is no charge for babies under 1. Other siblings are required to enrol in the class in their own right.

Filming, photographs and phone calls

You are welcome to take photos/videos of your own child at play, however, we ask that you keep this to a minimum and that you do NOT include other children or staff in your photos unless you have prior approval from those concerned. In particular, please do not video the story or circle times.

No phone calls, unless essential. Thank you.

A few other reminders

  • Take shoes off before entering classroom.
  • Nappies should only be changed in the bathroom.
  • No eating unless sitting down in the snack area.
Note: A copy of this information will be available on our website ( for you to access later on should you need to.

Other classes at SKIP

SKIP is a registered kindergarten running a morning K1 and K2 class, as well as offering afternoon activity classes for 4 to 5 years olds, and accompanied playgroups for 1 to 3 year olds.

Introducing new classes and schedules for the 2022-2023 year

New classes and schedules commencing 22 August 2022 for children aged between 1 and 5 years. Whether you are looking for a daily kindergarten, extra-curricular activities, playgroups or a mixed-age drop in play session for your preschoolers, we have a class for you!

For details please visit:


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