The cost of pursuing a dream

By:Kaitlyn Morley

The cost of pursuing a dream is happiness

Janet Boyer and Myrtle/George Wilson

Janet Boyer first husband was a trumpet player his dream was to be a professional and widely known trumpet player. He didn't work and him and his wife suffered from the lack of income and he got leukemia and he still wanted to play and his wife got tired of it and left him and he became unhappy when she left. Myrtle Wilson's dream was to fall in love and be with a rich man but she married George cause she wanted to have a husband and George was to busy trying to fulfill her rich man dream that she had an affair and George found out and because she had done all this it lead to her death which caused George to lose his happiness .

The minimalist and Lynnette

In the Minimalists:High Price of Pursuing My Dream, Joshua lost happiness trying to pursue what he thought was his dream cars, and money but he realized even with all that he lost his happiness cause he was working 70-80 hours a week and he felt as if he had void he focused on getting money and instead of doing what he wanted, which was writing he went after the American dream and lost his happiness. My moms friend Lynnette has a husband who is a truck driver and to pursue their dream of being rich he is gone all month and only comes back for a weekend a month and he and Lynnette are not happy cause their marriage isn't good but they have money but both have said neither are happy being away from each other and that it tears the family apart and makes everyone upset.

Nightmare Before Christmas and Inside Job

In Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack's dream is to be Santa to make himself happy and feel useful but he ruins Christmas, causes children and family's to be unhappy and it causes him to become unhappy. In Inside Job the workers dream to be rich and aspire to be on top but they fool people and ruin people lives by selling them bad mortgages to investors and cause not only themselves to be unhappy but others also.

Nick and Inside Job

Nick lost his morals by dating Jordan and keeping Daisy and Gatsby's secret affair secret and became unhappy with himself because he had always held himself to be honest and doing these actions made him unhappy. In The Inside Job the CEOs lied and lost morals to get money and eventually got caught and got in trouble so they wound up losing their happiness while they were pursuing their dream of wealth.

Gatsby and Gordon Gekko

Gatsby lost his happiness while pursuing his dream. He had wealth that he gained by illegal means, but his dream was Daisy and he had her for a little bit but she left him and he lost his happiness and ultimately his life. Gekko was pursuing money and power threw illegal means and wound up going to jail and losing his happiness. Both ended up pursing dreams corruptly so it cost happiness to pursue happiness threw corrupt means