The High Five

2: learning Is Lifelong

We are never going to stop learning new thing because everything is constantly changing. Learning doesn't end with your education, it is an ongoing thing that never ends.

For example: when you go into your first job you need to learn the basics of how things work around there.

3: Focus On The Journy

We are all on a journey, that journey is life. Knowing your goals helps guide you trough your live. goals are important part of our lives but being to fixed on our goals can be unhealthy to the relationship you may have with people. If you are to fixed on your goals you may be unable to maintain a healthy relationship with people.
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4: Follow Your Heart

It is important to follow your dreams. You need to know that the life you want will have some challenges. the most important things are to follow your dreams and believe in you can do it.

Knowing what you want to do in life will help you over come with challenges.

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5: access your allies

life is not a thing you have to do alone. There are people in your life that will help you do things in your life and will be helpful to you, as you are to them. your friends and family are a great examples of your allies.

1: change is constant

Everything is constantly changing, the world around you, technology, jobs, and yourself.

most people have been hired in many jobs. the point is these changes good or bad, bring more knowledge and understanding to our lives.

For example: every school day you do something different you never do the exact same thing twice.

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