Mrs. Myers' Memo

Friday, December 5, 2014

Holiday Fun!

Last week, I sent a note home about the holiday fun we will be having in weeks to come. Today, we started this off with a special library activity focusing on the famous story, The Polar Express. Other activities we will complete include making ornaments, fun holiday writing, Christmas Around the World (we will switch with other classes in our hallway), holiday crafts, decorating cookies, and much more. On Friday, December 19th, we will conclude this fun time of the year by watching the Polar Express and enjoying treats. To help with all of this fun, I asked for each family to provide $3-5. Thank you so much to the families that have already sent this in! I appreciate it! This is due by December 16th, however you can send it in as you have it. Again, without your help, I wouldn't be able to provide such fun-filled learning activities for this exciting time of year.

Funny Looking Sight Words

Some of you may have seen the "funny" sight words that came home in folders/backpacks yesterday. We have a new set of cards provided by our school called "snap" words. They are our rainbow words, but they look a little different. The words include pictures and actions. So with each word, an action is included. For example, the word "make" has us pretending to mix a big bowl of batter. We spell the word, say the word, and then say the sentence (all while doing the "mixing" motion) "We make a cake."

The children have really enjoyed learning our new sight words with these cards. They like them so much, they asked for their own! So I ran off copies of the cards. I only made the list of our 31 kindergarten required sight words. These are the words that are on our report card. Granted, we learn well over 100 words with our Rainbow Wall. But these 31, if mastered, give your child a "3" on their report card regarding sight words. Please, have fun reading these silly-looking words with your children at home.

Additionally, for children whom are not on the red or orange word yet, I have run off a copy of those words as well. I will be working on sight words with the students in class a lot this month. My goal: have everyone on the "red" word wall by January. We are almost there!

Rainbow Wall is Growing!

Don't let the holiday fun fool you! We have had a lot of learning going on, both in and out of school! I can really see that families are working on sight words at home. We have had a lot of growth on our Rainbow Wall this week. Please help me congratulate the following students for getting their name on a new section of our rainbow:

  • Yellow: Alandria Richardson
  • Green: Emare' Gipson, Ta'ai Fau, Caelin Polnett, Rylee Aguirre
  • Blue: Logan Roberts, Caleb Hughes, and Emily Stokes

Keep up the great work!