Tyler Eigner

And keyboarding

About Me

I go to Holmen High School

I am fron la crosse

I am 15 yrs old

I have One dog

Like you collect Knives


I like snowboarding because my dad snowboards too so i think it is really fun.


i like to fish alot in the summer on our boat and go ice fishing in the winter.

Deer Hunting

I like to hunt because mostly every one in the family hunts or goes hunting plus i think it is fun to be outside sitting and wait for a deer to come to you.

Things you Shouldn't do in keyboarding

Shouldnt do

Feet up.

Two feet from keyboard.

Bend Back.

Hands not on the homerow.

Looking at and key board.

Should do

Feet on the ground.

Hands Width From KeyBoard.

Sit up.

Hands where they need to be.

Eyes on the screen.

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