Media Center News

End-of-Year Edition

Student Library and Text Book Returns

We will begin taking up textbooks next week. You will bring your students by team, and ALL students need to come even if they don't have books. Your team leader will tell you the order in which you need to come.

  • Ballard and Bubenheim's team, Thursday, 5/12
  • McMichael's team, Friday, 5/13
  • Taylor and Adam's team, Monday, 5/16
  • Jones' team, Tuesday, 5/17

Please line your class up outside the media center vertical to the doors (by the lockers). Mrs. Adcock and I will be just inside the doorway checking in books. Students will check their books in, go stack them on the floor, and then get a book off the tables for summer reading. Teachers need to be in the media center reminding students what color table they need to pull from. The tables will be color coded by lexile and the reading teachers should tell the students which one to get so teacher bringing the students should just remind them. After they choose their book (which they DO NOT have to check out) they should line up at the back door (no sitting). If they are missing books they will get a receipt from the checkout desk. Once all your students have been through please take them back to class through the back door.

If students have books missing the day their team comes, then they may bring them down here in the morning. They should not bring their books prior to their team coming unless they know they are going to be absent that day. Please make sure they bring an agenda with them. We will sign their agenda with the time when they are ready to return.

Teacher Textbook Return

Since we had so many teachers change rooms last year (and we haven't done this in a while) we are asking that all teachers turn in all of their class sets. We will check them back out to you at the beginning of the year. You may begin to turn them in on Tuesday, May 10, and they are due by Wednesday, May 18 at 3:45. If you need them on Thursday, May 19, please call me and we will make arrangements to accommodate your request. We would just like them in before we send out final student overdue notices on Thursday, May 19. Many of the student books are mixed up in the teacher's copies so I want to make sure we have them accounted for before we do the final notices. You do not have to turn in your teacher's editions unless you are changing grades/subjects or know you will not return next year. Also, please be conscious of the load that students are carrying if you send them down with books.

Final Fine Notices

On Thursday, May 19 you will get the students final fine notices. There will be 3 copies of each notice. One goes to the student. Two are to be attached to the report card. Report cards with fines should be turned into the office. The reason you attach 2 is so that Mrs. Yearwood or Mrs. Boswell can use one copy as a receipt when the student pays for the books over the summer. We will be announcing all week that books and fines should be turned in or taken care of by Thursday. Students who turn books in or pay fines on Friday, or who have outstanding fines, may not get their report cards. Friday, May 20 is Field Day and it may be hard to notify teachers.


Teachers and office personnel , please protect yourself by allowing students to turn in their own books. When you tell a student that you will turn in their books for them, you could be stuck with paying their fines IF:

  • the books don't make it to the media center
  • the books are damaged (before or after you get it)
  • the books they gave you aren't theirs. As I tell the students, I don't care whose name is in the book. We go by barcode numbers. Students sometimes pick up someone else's book to turn in as their own, but WE KNOW! You, however, will not know.

It is easier for Mrs. Adcock and myself, as well as for you, to turn them in yourself. However, I have dealt with many angry parents who don't want to pay for a book that the student had given the teacher to turn in. Please let them turn them in, and we can check it right then to tell them if it is theirs or not.

Turning in Equipment, Carts, Netbooks, Computer Tubs, Chromebooks Etc.

All of the items listed in the title need to be turned in by Thursday, May 26 to the media center. Please don't send the netbook carts down until the last day of school. We store them in the aisles of the shelves since the textbooks are on the floor. We won't have room elsewhere for them, and we will need to be able to get into the shelves to put books back until the last day. The few books that come in after that we can set on top of the carts.

And one last thing!!! Calendars!

If you are in charge of a calendar for your team or the school, please add someone else as a manger before you leave for the summer so there will be two managers. We had a couple of people who left over the summer last year and the team had to totally remake their calendar since the owner left. If you need help doing this, please see me or Mrs. Adcock.