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March 22, 2016

Kindergarten 2016-17

Need information about next year's Kindergarten. Be sure to e-mail Jennifer Yamamoto with your child's name and birthday or go to this website.

Parent informational meeting for incoming Kindergarteners will be March 22nd @ 6:30 at Cottonwood.

4th 9 Weeks

I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy Spring Break. For me,it was good to sleep in, relax and read a book or two and do some much needed spring cleaning. As we started back today, it's hard to believe we are starting our 4th 9 weeks. Grade cards for the 3rd 9 weeks will be sent home on Friday. Be sure to contact your child's teacher with any questions.

The last 45 days of school will be packed with learning opportunities, state assessment testing, field trips and many other activities. We will send home a paper calendar on April 1st, so you and your family won't miss a thing.

Thank you for sending your child to us every day.

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Andover Advantage

We are very fortunate to have the support of the Andover Advantage Foundation. The Andover Advantage Foundation's Grant Squad awarded its 2016 Academic Advantage Grants to classrooms, teachers and school staff in Andover USD 385 March 8.

This year’s grant awards totaled $68,922.60 and included funds to support the Andover School District’s ability to provide excellence in education. At CES, we will see materials for STEM activities. We will have access to an Osmo and Nano for more hands on learning and our 5th graders will have access to more Chromebooks. Thank you Andover community!!!! For more information about Andover Advantage, click here.

Thinking Ahead

May 5th, all our students will be treated to a day of STEAM activities. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Each class will rotate through 6 or 7 different presentations throughout the day. We are looking for presenters who can be with us from 9:00-11:00 or 1:00-2:40. Each presentation will be about 20 minutes. If you're interested, please email me at or Amber Beck at We are looking forward to a great day.

From the Counselor--Personal Safety Unit

Dear Parents,

The students in my counselor time will be learning about personal safety from February 29th through the end of March. Personal safety includes learning about “Stranger Danger” and “Safe Touches.” With spring and summer just around the corner, it’s always a good idea to emphasize student personal safety.

Stranger Danger Unit

Students will learn who a stranger is and how to deal with strangers in public places (i.e. parks, malls, public restrooms, etc.), on the telephone, in cars and for older students on the internet.

The “3 Rules of Stranger Safety” will be emphasized. They are:

1. Yell “No!”

2. Run away fast!

3. Tell an adult right away!

Safe Touches

Students will learn about good touches, bad touches and uncomfortable touches.

· Good touches are touches that feel nice such as: hugs, handshakes, pat on the back, high-five, etc.

· Bad touches are touches that don’t feel very nice such as: hitting, kicking, pushing, shoving, etc.

· Uncomfortable touches are touches that “just don’t feel right.” Uncomfortable touches make us feel uneasy. Students will learn that its O.K. to say “No” when someone’s touching makes them feel uncomfortable. They will learn the times when some kinds of touching may be permitted, such as: If the touching is to keep us (1) clean and/or (2) healthy (i.e. doctors, bathing, diaper changing, etc.). Students will learn and recognize that: (1) No one has the right to touch the private parts of their body, unless it is for clean or healthy reasons. (2) If someone’s touching makes them feel uneasy or uncomfortable, NEVER keep it a secret….Always tell a trusted adult. If that adult doesn’t believe you, keep telling until someone does. *Terminology will be kept simple, referring to the private parts of the body as “the parts that are covered by your swimming suit”, rather than using specific body part names. Parents can teach specific body part names at home, if they so desire.

The “3 Rules of Touching Safety” will be emphasized. They are:

1. Say “No!”

2. Get away fast!

3. Tell an adult you trust. Never keep it a secret if someone’s touching makes you feel uncomfortable!


Our children are precious...let’s work together to help keep them safe. Alertness and knowledge of safety rules are the best protection your child can have. Please talk to your children about personal safety today.

If you have any questions about the “Personal Safety Unit,” please feel free to contact me at school at 218-4620 ext. 2. I’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Marcie Faust –

CES Counselor, LPC/NBCC

From the Nurse's Office--Mrs. Whiddon and Mrs. Tauke

Before break, we saw students who were coughing and had sore throats. The best defense against spreading this or any type of "cold" is to WASH YOUR HANDS with soap and warm water regularly. It's simple but effective!

From the Library--Mrs. Ohlund

We are working on a project and need your help. We are in need of Velveeta Cheese boxes and any wax paper, plastic wrap, aluminum foil sized boxes. We could use the tube from them as well.​ We will share our projects when they are complete.

PTO News

It's that time again. We're collecting Box tops and soup labels. Students received a sack before Spring Break. Just return that sack to the CES office before April 14th. It always helps if you can take a moment and put them in stacks of 50.

Need something to collect. Mrs. Rooks is asking for pop tops or package codes from Coke products. Here is a list of participating brands. Just drink a refreshing soda/water/juice and bring the top or cardboard code to the office and Mrs. Rooks will input your codes. or you can sign up at My Coke Rewards and donate your points to Cottonwood.

The Cottonwood PTO is now part of the Amazon Associates LLC program. If you are an Amazon shopper, log in to your personal Amazon account through this website and earn money for school. Just click on the provided banner anytime.

Spring Track is Back!

As you know, Cottonwood shares the parking lot with the District Stadium. During track season, AHS, ACHS and AMS host league track meets. This means that parking/traffic may be difficult during dismissal. Track meets start at 3:00 p.m. If at all possible, please plan on having your child ride the bus home. If your child must be a car rider on track meet days, please pay extra attention to the staff members directing traffic and follow their instructions. We will try our best to get you home quickly and safely.

Mark your calendars for April 18th, May 2nd and May 9th as District Track Meet Days.

School Community Yearbook Opportunity

Members of the school community can upload images for consideration in the yearbook! Go to and use the upload access code TYTLHN. Pictures will be considered as the yearbook is developed. Deadline for pictures is March 1st or you can send them to Jennifer at

Andover Public Schools Mobile App

We are excited to announce that a mobile app for Andover Public Schools is now available. This free app for your Apple and Android devices will be your one-stop shop for everything Andover. From district & school news pulled directly into the app to links to PowerSchool, athletic information, breakfast & lunch menus and payment all in one place makes this app the convenient way to stay connected to your school and district happenings.


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I also try to call home on School Messenger once a month to share upcoming activities and highlights and of course our Smore newsletter. If you have suggestions on how to help communicate our learning and teaching, please don't hesitate to e-mail me

AR Parties--You're welcome to join us

Tuesday, March 22nd, 1:15-3:15pm

1747 North Andover Road

Andover, KS

AR Parties (Root beer floats and games)

1:15-1:45 (2nd Grade)

1:45-2:15 (3rd Grade)

2:15-2:45 (4th Grade)

2:45-3:15 (5th Grade)

Future Kindergarten Parent Meeting

Tuesday, March 22nd, 6:30pm

1747 North Andover Road

Andover, KS

Meeting for parents of all 16-17 Kindergarten students.

Cottonwood PTO Meeting

Monday, March 28th, 6:30pm

1747 North Andover Road

Andover, KS

Join us as we talk about our upcoming Fundraising adventure, activities for the remainder of the school year and budgeting for next year. All are welcome.

State Assessments in grades 3, 4 and 5

Tuesday, March 29th, 9:15am

1747 North Andover Road

Andover, KS

Please check with your child's teacher for specific dates and times. Testing runs from March 29th till April 28th.