President Jackson

Lynsey Jennings 7th period

Worcester Vs. Georgia

The Worcester Vs. Georgia ruling was in 1832. supreme court ruled that the Cherokee nation was a "sovereign nation" and Georgia couldn't interfere with the Cherokee. John Marshall was the Chief Justice of the supreme court during this ruling. The court also stated that only the Federal government had authority over native Americans not the state government. Georgia ignored the court's ruling and Jackson violated his Presidential oath to keep the laws.

Spoil System

President Andrew Jackson gave some of his supporters government jobs. It was when they cheered outside the capitol. Also they had a party on the White House lawn and a few police officers that were there had a rough time controlling the people. The spoil system is the practice of giving government jobs to his political backers. It comes from the saying " to the victor belong the spoils of the enemy."

Indian removal act

Native Americans lived in settlements from Georgia to Mississippi. President Jackson and other political leaders wanted the land for American farmers. In 1830 the removal of the Native Americans whom lived east of the Mississippi river to live in the west. They planned to move the natives to U.S. territory Oklahoma.

Andrew Jackson

This political cartoon represents Andrew Jackson overthrowing anyone who disagrees with his choices.


Why did Andrew Jackson take our land when they have plenty! What about the children? Did they expect them to survive? They had the worst winter and The Whites just let them starve and die. He's a liar he told them they would be provided with food ,but they weren't.

Plantation Owner

President Jackson is a great guy! He supports the "common man" so I support him. He even give his supporters government jobs I'm hoping that one day he'll spoil me with one. I was at his party right outside of the White House however, I wonder why Washington's didn't have parties.