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Free First Thursday

First Thursday of each month from

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the Portland Arts Museum, (1219 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97205).

During this time you can go to the Portland Arts Museum for free.

First Caturday

Laurelhurst Park (SE Cesar E Chavez Blvd & Stark St, Portland, OR) 1:30 - 4:30 pm.

Cat owners can meet up here and talk about cats (You don’t have to bring or own a cat).


Portable 153 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 - 6 pm.

Come back to school with an adult to get free dairy, fruit, vegetables, and/or bread, this is available to Ockley Green students, their family, and their friends.

December 4th at 6:30 pm

In the Auditorium, we have an AMAZING presentation for students and their family members. The topic is 'The Developing Adolescent Brain and the Effects or Alcohol and Marijuana'. It is geared towards Middle School aged students and their parents/ caregivers, given by Shelley Campbell from TNTT.

Some background information about TNTT:

Legacy TNTT was developed in 1986 by three trauma nurses who wanted to put an end to the serious injuries they saw every day as a result of unnecessary risks and unsafe behavior. Since then, we have been leader in programs that help prevent the kind of injuries that cause death and permanent disability for children, adolescents and adults.

Our bike and multi-sport helmet program has been particularly successful, providing more than 120,000 helmets to children and adults at low or no cost. For more than two decades, we have coordinated volunteer-run helmet clinics, distributing and fitting the helmets.

TNTT has also influenced the Oregon state legislature and resulted in the passage of numerous laws aimed at safety, including expanding the use of bicycle helmets, motorcycle helmets and car seats.

LGBTQ+ History

Many people may not know October was LGBTQ+ history month. The LGBTQ+ began in the year 1987. People have been bullied and discriminated because of being LGBTQ+. The Full acroniym is LGBTTQQIAAP it stands for, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender,Transexual, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Ally, Asexual, Pansexual. Same sex love has been around since ancient civilization.These are some people who made a change for LGBTQ+, Karl Heinrich Ulrichs: The first gay person to publicly speak out for homosexual rights,Barbara Gittings: The mother of the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement, Harvey Milk:The first openly gay person elected to public office, Magnus Hirschfeld: The father of transgenderism,Audre Lorde The lesbian warrior poet,Bayard Rustin: the gay civil rights hero,Christine Jorgensen: The transgender ex-GI. At Ockley we need to be aware of homophobic jokes. They really hurt people, so if you ever make homophobic jokes, watch your self because you could really be hurting someone.

PTA Events

Big picture

Ockley Green Wreath Fundraiser

Paint Night! 12/10 @ 7pm. Tickets are available here:

Dragon Mart

By Alex Windsong

The Ockley food pantry has officially opened! It is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6. It has plenty of food including dairy, pasta, and sauce. The location of the food pantry is the sun room portables, closest to the basketball court. Stop by and check out the Ockley green food pantry! (6th grade on Tuesday, 7th grade on Wednesday, 8th grade on Thursday)

Composting at OGMS

By Karter Green

Ockley’s new composting system starts at the kitchen where all food that does not gets eaten gets put into a composting bin. Then, that food gets picked up and taken to a composting facility where it will be turned into fertilizer for new vegetation. This helps our school because it reduces food waste, therefore reducing food costs for the district. This also helps the environment because composting is a much more sustainable way of getting rid of food waste, because it goes back into the Earth to grow new food.

Typhoon Hagibis

By Jerry Strohecker

On October 4th, 2019 there was a disturbance in the West Pacfic. Then on October 5th it reached winds of 35mph and had a pressure of 1005 mb. The next day it was named Hagibis and winds reached 45mph and the pressure reached 995 mb. The same day the Mariana Islands got a Typhoon watch. The pressure of tropical storm Hagibis reached 993mb and still had winds of 45mph. On October 7th tropical storm Hagibis was not a tropical storm any more, it was classified as a Typhoon. It had winds of 80 mph and the pressure was at 985mb. The same day the Northern Mariana Islands had a typhoon warning. Later that day, Typhoon Hagibis classified as a Category 2 Typhoon. The pressure inside Hagibis was at 985mb. On October 7th Hagibis rapidly intensified to major Typhoon. Typhoon Hagibis had a very low pressure at 947mb and had a wind speed of 130 mph. Also on that day Saipan had Typhoon warning. Later on October 7th Typhoon Hagibis Had winds of 180 mph. And a very low pressure of 896. Witch Typhoon Hagibis had 5 mph winds less than Hurricane Dorian. On October 8th Typhoon Hagibis weakend to winds of 160 mph and had a central pressure of 908 mb. On October the 9th Typhoon Hagibis weakened to a low category 5 with 160mph and a pressure of 902mb. The next day Typhoon Hagibis weakened to a low end category 4 Typhoon with winds of 140mph and a pressure of 924mb. That day it was 615 miles away from Tokyo,Japan. On October 11th Typhoon Hagibis was weakening at a fast rate. Typhoon Hagibis had winds of 125mph and a pressure of 927mb. On October 12th Typhoon Hagibis made landfall with winds of 90 mph and a pressure of 956mb. Later that day Typhoon Hagibis passed over Japan and dropped 2ft of rain. So in conclusion Typhoon Hagibis was a very strong storm.

Student Led Conferences

By Jerry Strohecker

On November 25 and 26 there will be student led conferences. Student led conferences are where students tell the parents/guardians about their work. The students lead the conference and talk about their strengths and weaknesses. Also, if parents/guardians want to meet with other teachers, they can sign up using the sign up sheets that will be posted by the teachers door. If there are questions, please email teachers directly! Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Blazers 50th Anniversary

By Jerry Strohecker and Brandon Pugh

The Blazers 50th year anniversary was on October 8th, 2019 and they played against the Denver Nuggets. On October 7th the Blazers had a 50 year celebratory parade inside of the Moda Center.

They had rodeos, games, and circuses. The Blazers pre-season officially ended on October 17 and their regular season officially started on October 23. The blazers have a lot of new talent this season. Some new players to look out for are Hassan Whiteside, Grey Tent, and Anfernee Simions. Some old players to watch this season are Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum, and Zach Collins.

A section dedicated to highlighting our fabulous student body! The Spotlight Crew picks a new student from each grade every issue. Maybe you will be next?!

Spotlight On Students

Alexis Molina-Raula

By Annabelle Gresh

Alexis Molina-Raula is a 6th grader here at Ockley Green and this year he is most excited to see his grades. Alexis is 11 years old and his favorite subject is math. He has an older sister and his favorite animal is a lion. Alexis’ favorite things to do are play basketball and go on his phone. This year his favorite teacher is Ms. Curtis and he wants to be a lawyer when he grows up. Alexis went to Peninsula Elementary School and he would like to going to Roosevelt for high school. Alexis’ favorite foods are tacos and if he could go anywhere in the world he would go to Florida.

Violet Alexander

By: Hanifa Ibrahim

Violet is a 14 year old student who attends Ockley Green Middle School. She enjoys Spanish, Language Arts, because the work is pretty fun and she enjoys the classes in general. She is planning on going to Jefferson because it's close to her house and her friends are going there

When she thinks of fall and November the first thing that comes to mind is The pumpkin patch, Halloween, leaves, hot cocoa and Thanksgiving or the month before Christmas. When the color of the tree are changing it makes her feel good and happy. For thanksgiving Violets family gathers up and has a meal. For thanksgiving she is responsible for setting the table and helping out with dessert.

Olivia Peters

By Ilyarah Motley

Olivia is a girl who is at Ockley Green. Her favorite teacher is Ms.Gonzalez because she relates to her and she has been her student for a year. Some things she would like to change about the school are to make classes less boring, more engaging, and to add a cooking class. Middle school has taught her that people are insecure and will strive to make you mad. She is going to Jefferson High School but she would like to go to Benson. She is excited for change and to see and meet different people in high school.

Hannah Coultas

By Amelia Mautz

Hannah Coultas is 12 years old and a 6th grader here at Ockley Green. Hannah went to Peninsula Elementary School for 3rd through 5th grade and Holy Redeemer for kindergarten through 2nd grade. Her favorite teacher so far has been Mr. Tharp and her favorite class has been STEM. Hannah’s favorite books are Wings of Fire and the series Warriors and her favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon. She has a little sister who is 8 years old and a dog named Thor. Hannah’s favorite things to do are swimming, playing with her dog, and playing games such as video games with her sister. Her favorite types of food are Chinese and seafood and her favorite song artist is Katy Perry. If Hannah could go anywhere in the world she would go to the Mayan Temples with her aunt. When Hannah grows up she would like to work at a shelter or work as a veterinarian.

Quincy Scott

By Annabelle Gresh

Quincy is a 7th grader here at Ockley and this year he is most excited to learn, especially with his favorite teacher Mr. Usselman. Quincy’s favorite thing to do after school is play basketball for Maeko and he also plays soccer for NOPO Soccer Club. Quincy has a dog named Jersey and his favorite type of food is pizza. When he is older Quincy would like to play in the NBA if he could go anywhere he would go to Hawaii. Quincy went to Beach Elementary School and would like to go to either Roosevelt or Central Catholic for highschool. Quincy has three siblings and his favorite movie is Space Jam.

Dmitri Interview

Ellie Heslam

By Amelia Mautz

Ellie Heslam is a 7th grader here at Ockley Green. Ellie is 12 years old and went to Beach Elementary School. Her favorite subject is science and her favorite teacher is Mr. Usselman. This year, Ellie is most excited for the last day of school and would like to go to either Roosevelt or Benson for high school. If she could go anywhere Ellie would go to Ecuador and she would like to be an engineer when she grows up. Ellie has twin siblings named Finley and Will and a dog named Pickles. Her favorite after school activity is playing sports and she plays soccer for United PDX and runs cross country and track for Roosevelt PIL. Ellie’s favorite books and movies are The Hunger Games and her favorite type of food is Thai food.

Spotlight On Staff

A section dedicated to highlighting our unique, hardworking staff. Our Spotlight Crew picks new staff members to interview for each issue. Who will be next?!

Mrs. Stone

By: Lasu Lukeji and JaMarrion Causey

Mrs. Stone is a counselor at Ockley Green Middle School. Her job as a counselor is to help when kids are in need. If you ever need help, she will be in the library. Also, in her free time, she likes to watch tv with her kids. Her favorite food is spaghetti and she likes purple. Ms. Stone likes to listen to music, and her favorite so far is R&B. Mrs. Stone’s favorite dessert is cheesecake. Also, she is a big fan of Kobe Bryant.

Ms. Siegfried, the one and only Medieval World Studies teacher.

We interviewed Ms. Siegfried, the 7th grade medieval world studies teacher.

We asked her what her favorite thing about S.S, she said the curriculum about Islam is her favorite thing. Ms. Siegfried has been a teacher for 20 years, this is her 20th. Her favorite thing about being a teacher is when people are paying attention and listening. Ms. Siegfried has taught at different schools. The only other subject she has taught language arts. Ms. Siegfried went to Park rose high school in Portland. She has been to 2 different continents, Asia, and Europe. Ms. Siegfried has only taught middle school.

By:Jason Ferguson and Daniel Hunt

Mr.Tre Interview

Mr. Tre is the new SEI Coordinator for 7th grade. The SEI Coordinator’s job is to inform them that they need to get their grades up , push kids to do their best at learning and life, and keep track of his caseload. Mr. Tre likes to play video games and likes to play 2k and he like to do fun stuff with friends and family. My favorite food is chicken alfredo because it has chicken in it and he also likes chicken tacos.Even though Mr.Tre is new he still like the teacher ́s so far he thinks pretty cool.

JLJ:What do you do in your personal time?

Tre:He likes to play video games. He likes to play 2k and he likes to do fun stuff with friends and family.

JLJ: What is your favorite food and why?

Tre. his favorite food is chicken alfredo because it has chicken in it and he likes chicken tacos.

JLJ: How do you like the teachers so far?

Tre:just teachers are pretty cool u can tell that the are really here for us.

JLJ: What is her role in SEI?

Tre: In school coordinator.

Comedy Corner

Mr.Riser Interview

By Terrence Hill Jr.

A little something about Mr. Riser he is a great teacher and he teaches us about life and what we need to better in the world and what we need to change. Mr.Riser is a great teacher because he teaches about all races letting us learn about our culture.Mr.Riser is a great teacher that talks about actual problems in the world that are going on including racism and he is not a teacher like any other.

Q: What's your favorite class period that you have?

A: All of them are my favorite classes.

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

A: The horn of Africa, because that's where all human beings come from.

Q: Did you ever you think about being a rapper?

A: Yes I still do.

Q: What is one thing you would tell people about the world?

A: We need each other to save the world.

Q: What other subject would you want to teach?

A: Hip-hop history and culture

Q: Who is your favorite kid in your classes?

A: Jaliyah who is a senior at Jefferson highschool

Q:If you had to pick one kid to teach your class for every period who would it be?

A: Terrence Hill Jr., Camrynn holiday, Bobby and Iris

Q: What room do ghosts avoid ?

RA: The living room

HA: The janitors closet

Q: What do you call two witches that live together?

RA: Broommates

HA: Broommates

Q: What runs around the whole yard without moving?

RA: Fence

HA: Fence

Q: What is your dream girl besides your wife?

A: Laurin Hill

Q: Say silk 2 times,Say silk 3 times,say silk 4 times,What do cows drink?

RA: Water

HA: Milk


Big picture

Would You Rather?

1.WYR Have a peg leg or a hook hand?

2.WYR Have your teeth fall out at the same time or your hair?

3.WYR Live in Canada for a year or Mexico for a year?

4.WYR Find a four-leaf clover or a really old penny?

5.WYR Win Kids Choice Awards or an MTV Award?

Thank you for reading would you rather! Hope you enjoyed!


A section dedicated to airing student concerns, praises, and ideas for the future. This section empowers student voices, so they may become vehicles for change. Anyone is welcome to submit their opinion for publication in future issues. Contact Ms. Kate, or write a note to our Opinion Crew and leave it in the box by room 213.

Stop Vaping

Vaping is thought to be a healthy alternative to smoking, but most people don’t know all the bad things it will do to your body over time. There have been 18 recorded deaths and thousands are confirmed sick from vaping. It causes illnesses such as lung irritation, brain cancer, raised blood pressure, and it has THC a chemical used in marijuana as well as a lot of nicotine.Vaping has been proven to be worse than e-cigarettes because of the amount of nicotine in the vape pods. It is illegal to vape flavored products in a lot of places. By vaping it more likely that you are start smoking cigarettes. These are some good reasons why you shouldn’t vape at this age or any age at all.

Field Trips

Ockley Green students should be provided the opportunity to go on a fieltdrip. Sitting in a stuffy classroom all day isn't always the most ideal way to learn. Field trips should also be for fun because it could give kids something to look forward to and would help make school a more fun place. Field trips should be for everyone and not just certain electives and classes.

Being a Twin

By: Landon Downs

First things first, people like to say that they wish they had a twin. Contrary to popular belief, it's not a perfect friend who is always there for you, well you'll come to find out that this is not true. I will be going over the real life of a twin and an interview.

Popular beliefs about twins is that they are inseparable, evil, or have powers. But in reality twins are just like normal siblings, not evil, and do not have twin telepathy. Most twins hate when people ask which one they are ( especially when said person knows who there talking to). Also most twins dislike when there asked which one is evil ( because it's likely that there are both evil). Another thing twins don't like is when people ask who is older because the younger twin is probably salty about it.


Mr. Damon is a teacher who is a twin. He loves having a twin and the comfort of having a twin. His favorite thing about being a twin is always having someone to be around. His least favorite thing about being a twin is always sharing everything and being compared to each other. The most asked questions he is asked are people asking if they look the same, if they feel each other's pain, and if they know what the other ones thinking.

School Breakfast Is Grosss

By Elane Abebe

Ockley Green school breakfast is absolutely disgusting. It has no nutritional value and all the wrappers are made out of plastic #savetheturtles. #savetheplanet. The food is not kid friendly and looks like it's been reheated 3 times. Because they are heating the food in plastic, the chemicals release onto the food and the water vapor turns back to liquid and makes the food soggy. The breakfast here is not edible, period. Also, kids need protein in the morning for their brains to function properly. The school breakfast is lacking in protein. Instead, it is high in sugar and carbohydrates. This is unacceptable. If we care about our kids and want our kids to learn, we need to feed them well.

Lunch is too Short!

Lunch and recess is too short. We only have 38 minutes to eat, play, and use the bathroom. We have to go through 7, 45 minute classes. We also have a 20 minute advisory class, so that’s a short period of time. It's not fair how we have school for 7 hours a day and we still only get a 38 minute recess. We only get that 38 min to talk with our friends and get fresh air, use our phones, play outside, and so much more. 38 minutes to do all of that, do you think that's enough time?

Stop Wasting At Ockley!

By: Dahlia Williams

Every morning, lots of kids get their packaged egg sandwiches or blueberry muffins. They take off the plastic wrapping and throw it away. I think that it is great that there’s free breakfast here, but the amount of waste that’s going into the environment every day needs to be lowered, and I think that’s possible.

For example, instead of having breakfast individually packaged, it could come in larger quantities and be served on a compostable tray. Ockley Green now has a composting system but none of the classrooms have composting bins. I think that there should be, so that food won’t be thrown away and end up in the landfill.
Another thing that Ockley Green could do, is in classes, instead of passing out so many handouts and wasting so much paper, teachers could either have online versions of the handouts or project them on screen for the whole class to see.

If all of these things happen at Ockley Green, we can reduce that overall waste and make a difference in helping the environment.

Student Rights

Quality Education
  • You have the right to a “Quality and engaging education in an environment

that is safe and comfortable.” In part, this means that if a teacher is not engaging you in the lesson, you have the right to tell them. Open a discussion with them, ask for a change in the way they teach. If they are not teaching in a way that you can understand, then you are being stripped of one of your rights. Your education should be priority no. 1. If you are not able to learn based on how the teacher is teaching, you have the right to speak up for yourself. The other half of this right is the environment in which you learn. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, advocate for yourself.

Confide in Staff Members
  • You have a right to “Talk with your teachers, counselor, and other school

staff about any concerns.” Even if it may not always feel like it, there are adults at Ockley you can trust. If you ever have anything you need to talk about, you have a right to go to any staff member.

Fair discipline
  • You have a right to “Receive fair discipline without discrimination”. All students

Report any incidents of bullying, harassment, abuse, and verbal or physical threats and know that something is being done about them.
  • You have a right to feel safe in your school. If you ever feel unsafe or see something that could be unsafe, you have a right to speak up, no matter the circumstances.

Access your own records, within appropriate guidelines.
  • You have a right to see the personal information the school has about you.

Receive discipline information in a language you can understand.
  • If you don’t speak a language, you cannot receive discipline or instructions in that language. If you don’t understand the language, you cannot be held accountable for not doing what was asked of you.

Additional information can be found in the student handbook.

Lunch and Recess

Hi, today we're going to be talking about the recesses and lunch period, and how its too short. We have to go through 7, 45 minute classes we also have a 20 minute advisories so that’s a short period of time, and not long. We also only get a 38 minutes to have lunch and recess. I think we deserve more than 38 minutes. It's not fair how we have school for 7 hours of school and we still only get a 38 minute recess. We only get that 38 min to talk with are friends and get fresh air, use are phones, play outside, and so much more and we only get that 38 minutes to do all that I just think that, that's so much to do in that little amount of time. If you only have 38 minutes to do all of that do you think that's enough time?


Reviews, horoscopes, the scoop, and everything else entertaining...

IPhone 11

What Is The Difference Between The iPhone 11

And iPhone 11 Pro?

The iPhone 11 sports a 6.1-inch "Liquid Retina HD" LCD display, while the iPhone 11 Pro family has a sharper "Super Retina XDR" OLED display.

Is The iPhone 11 Waterproof?

A new report claims that the iPhone 11 will go a step beyond being just waterproof, and will tout a display that can register your finger taps even when immersed in liquid. Apple has been churning out waterproof smartphones since the iPhone 7 in 2016.

Is The iPhone 11 Pro Max Worth It?

The $999 iPhone 11 Pro is smaller than the iPhone 11 at 5.8 inches, making it a good choice for those who want to use a phone with one hand. And you get a third camera on the back for telephoto zoom and a richer OLED display, compared with the iPhone 11's LCD.

How Much Is An iPhone 11 Pro Max?

The iPhone 11 Pro costs $31.25 per month for 24 months, though $249.99 is required upfront at the time of purchase.

Nike Air Max Review

What Are Nike Air Max 90’s Good For

The Nike Air Max 90 running shoe is known for the great comfort and lightweight feeling it provides. With its Max Air unit, it gives enhanced impact cushioning on the heel.

When Did Air Max 90’s Came Out

The Nike Air Max 90 released in 1990 and is considered to be the second flagship sneaker of the Air Max legacy. The most popular colorway is the 'Infrared', which was the original colorway in 1990. The Air Max 90 was designed by legendary Nike architect Tinker Hatfield.

Is Nike Air Max Good For Basketball

Nike air Max's are good trainers for running, they are good because of the shape of the sole and the immense amount of padding in the heel which helps develop a goodform for when you run in other shoes in a race or something of the sort.

Are Air Max 90’s Good For Running

They tend to be lighter in weight and have better cushioning. Air Max 90 is a model I have little experience with, but if it supports your arches properly and feels generally comfortable on your feet, then it will be good for lots of walking.

Starbucks - What we Love

Seacret Menu

  • Raspberry Cheesecake Latte

  • Nutella Frappuccino

  • Warm Sugar Cookie

  • S'mores Frappuccino

  • White Chocolate Cinnamon Chai Latte

  • Strawberry Lemonade Tea

  • Ariana Grande Frappuccino

  • S'mores Hot Chocolate

  • Purple Rain Refresher

  • London Fog

  • The Three C's

  • Cookies and Cream/Oreo Frappuccino

  • Fuzzy Peach Tea

  • Lava Flow Refresher

  • The Undertow

  • Popeye Tea

  • The Roasted Chestnut

  • Shirley Temple

  • Caramel Snickerdoodle Macchiato

  • Cha Cha Latte

  • Butterbeer Frappuccino

OG Student Favorites:

  • French Rose Double shot of espresso

  • Mocha Cookie Frap

  • Drip Coffee

  • White Passion Tea

  • Double Chocolate Chip Frap

  • Caramel Macchiato

  • Coffee

  • Every

  • Pumpkin spice Latte/2

  • Hot chocolate

  • Pink drink/3

  • Strawberry frap

  • Mango Dragon Fruit refresher with lemonade/3

  • Blueberry Black tea Lemonade

  • Iced Caramel Macchiato

  • Caramel Frap With almond milk

  • Caramel Macchiato with almond Milk

  • Americano

  • Caramel Macchiato

  • Coffee

  • Green Tea Matcha Frap 15 Pumps of raspberry and whipped cream

  • Cotton Candy Frap

Skinjacker Trilogy Review

By Miles

Like Ghost stories? The Skinjacker trilogy by Neil Shusterman would be a good fit for you. Everlost is the place between life and death. The main characters who both die in the same car crash end up smacking straight into each other on their way to the afterlife or whatever lies beyond death. Instead of going to heaven they are returned to the world of the living as afterlights (basically ghosts). They travel together in search of a way of returning to life or going to the afterlife. If you like ghost stories id recommend this book to you any day of the week.


- Libra are known for being very kind, peaceful, and enjoying harmony. Some of the libra’s weaknesses are not caring about consequences at times, trying to avoid situations, and they’re indecisive. This season you will experience many things from highs to lows, and having trouble making the right decisions. (Sep 23- Oct 22)

- Virgos are critical thinkers, hardworking, and sweet. some weaknesses they have are being sarcastic, and worry a lot. This season you’ll try to find stability while investing time in something you’re passionate about. You will feel an urge to do better academically and socially. You will have to face some very hard reality checks, all making the lessons worth it. (Aug 23- Sep 22)

- Gemini your personality traits include being, fun, outgoing, and intelligent. Some of your weaknesses are being impulsive, nosy, and unreliable. This season you will be socializing and branching out of your comfort zone. (May 21-Jun 21)

- Pisces are artistic, gentle, wise, and musical. Some of your weaknesses are being fearful, and overly trusting. This season might be a little bit of a roller coaster you should keep your feelings in check and think about what you’re saying. Avoid any bitterness because negativity will drain you. Try to stay positive throughout this season. (Feb 10- March 12 )

- Scorpios are passionate, persistent, and strategic. Some of your weaknesses are being obsessive over the same issues, compulsive, and a bit possessive. This season you should keep your schedule light don’t get to stresses. With your birthday coming up try not to stress too much.(Oct 23- Nov 22)

- Capricorn personality traits include being realistic, practical, ambitious. Some of their weaknesses include being stubborn, fussy, they hold grudges, and disregard change. This season you will strike for greatness, and influence your peers and many others. (Dec 21- Jan 21)

- Aries are passionate, motivated, cheerful, and confident leaders. Some personality weaknesses they have are they often frustrated, aggressive, sensitive, sometimes will act without thinking, bad at facing the truth. This season you will think things over a lot, and set goals for yourself maybe not on paper but you will have it in your mindset. (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

- Taurus are determined, materialistic, artistic, funny, and down to earth. Some weaknesses they have are having a negative attitude towards change. This season you will work through problems you are unfamiliar with but it’ll be worth it. You might feel like you have barriers but you will overcome them. (Apr 20- May 20)

- Sagittarius are open-minded and see the big picture in things, as well as being energetic, friendly, honest, and easily adaptable. Some weaknesses are they do things carelessly, not very good organizers, they get bored quickly, and often lack patience. This season you will do well socially making new friends if you attempt too, and your doses of happiness will equally be stressing.(Nov 22- Dec 21)

- Leo’s are caring, generous, brave, and fun. Some weaknesses they have include sometimes being too honest, controlling, and a bit of a showoff. This season things may get tricky but you will work through the obstacles. (Jul 23- Aug 22 )

- Cancers are very empathetic, caring, trustworthy, and supportive. Some weaknesses are they’re highly sensitive, and may hold onto grudges. This season you will be transforming and mending old relationships. This season will be intense but will pay off in the end. ( Jun 22 - Jul 22)

- Aquarius are independent people original, easy-going, with a great fashion sense. Some weaknesses they have are unpredictable, unemotional, and are inefficient. This season will almost be like you’re coming out of hibernation. You will help others and use your voice to impact people. (Jan 21- Feb 20)

Taylor Swift

Mia burch

Taylor Swift is a famous singer who was is 29 year old. She was born on December 13, 1989. Taylor Swift has been singing since 10 years old. Taylor Swift's middle name is Alison. The person that got Taylor Swift into singing is Ronnie Cremer. Taylor Swift is 5 foot 10. Taylor Swift number 1 song is Ours.

Photo Team

The Ockley Photo Team is made up of Max, Emiliano, Wilson, Cameron, Floyd, Elane, Erik, Kaya, Alex, and Jack. We take all the pictures for the newspaper. This job is fun because we get to go around the school and see what's going on in different rooms, while taking pictures of people and things. We also edit on Smore the website we use to create the newspaper.

The first step in our photo process is to ask the different newspaper teams what pictures they need. This is an easy and interesting step, as we get to know what or who will be in the newspaper. Sometimes a team will ask for an image that can be found online, so it is are job to find the image and put it in the paper.

Next, we find were the object or person is. Normally we know were objects or teachers are but sometimes we don’t know where a student is. This is where we search in Ms. Kate’s binder of all the students to locate which class the student has.

After, we go to take the picture. When we take a picture of a student, we call in to their classroom to ask if it is the right time to take a picture. Then we go to the classroom and take their picture. Most of the time, we bring the team that asked for the photo so they can interview or show how they want the picture taken. We take the photos on our phone so that we can send them to Ms. Kate easily.

Next we upload the pictures to Smore, we save the changes and then were done.


Mico Interview