Bergener Family 2015 Update

Merry Christmas!!

This has been another year full of memories. We're excited to share all of them with you.

Caleb recently celebrated his first birthday with a dinosaur themed party. He started crawling and pulling himself up when he was ten months old and has been on the move ever since! He's not walking on his own (yet) but he enjoys cruising and walking with help. He gets into plenty of trouble anyway, like taking books off the shelves and "helping" unload the dishwasher. He's starting to mimic noises he hears and likes to point at things. He is a generally good eater and sleeper and adores his big sister.
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Lexi is 3 and a half but acts 10 years older. She is still going to school at Little Disciples two days a week. When we ask what she does at school she says, "Nothing" or "I didn't do anything," but we know that she's learning Bible stories and Spanish, counting, and a different letter each week. She is still attending gymnastics on Saturdays and is doing really well. Her imagination and memory is amazing, which makes for playing some interesting games at home. She got to be a flower girl this summer for a friend's wedding and did a great job! She loves going out to "the ranch" any chance she gets to play with the dogs and cats and help Poppa and Gramma take care of the horse and donkeys.
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Scott is still working for Performance Bicycle. In February he completed his Spin Doctor certification, a mechanics training program. He recently received a promotion as a full time mechanic and is returning to the store where he originally started working. He also spent the year saving to build a new bike piece by piece -wheels including. Now he has an ideal bike, for commuting, gravel grinding, and most importantly, towing the kids in the bike trailer to the parks nearby.
Andrea is in her third year as an instructional coach for Dallas ISD. It has been a year of many changes with new leadership, teachers, and implementing a new instructional model but it's been exciting to see the students learn in new ways. She traveled to California in the spring for a conference and Detroit in November to visit two schools. She is also still working at the zoo occasionally.

We celebrated 5 years of marriage this month!

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Andrea's cousin Rachel stayed for a quick overnight while on her college choir tour in January. Andrea's mom came to visit in March to help with the house and the kids while Andrea recovered from an unexpected surgery. While Sandra was in town, Grandpa Ralph, Grandma Virginia, and Aunt Judy made the drive to visit for a couple days. Andrea's dad and Sue came to visit over a very rainy Memorial Day weekend. We made our annual Nebraska trip at the end of July so we could attend cousin Emma's wedding and for friends and family to meet Caleb. We just went back to the Cornhusker State to celebrate brother Ryne's graduation. Lexi got her wish and made a small snow angel while she was there!

Please keep in touch!

We love hearing from you, and know that you are welcome to visit us anytime!

May God's blessings be on you and your loved ones in the year to come!