dog assessment



The vaccination that is needed for the dog is rabies, leptospirosis, corna, lyme’s disease, kennel cough , distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvo virus

what you would need

Other thing that is needed for your dog are water and food bowls 6.99 to 18.99 , leash- 12.99, collar- 9.99, dog food 16.99 ,shelter, dog brush 9.99, treats 3.50, dog toys 9.99, and a dog bed 39.99.


The grooming that is needed for the dog Is a brushing with a brush at Least 2 -3 times per week to keep the coat looking shiny.


There is no specific nutritional need for this dog , this dog also has a moderate appetite for this dog. The food that should be avoid are Avocado, onions and garlic, coffee, tea and other caffeine, grapes ,dairy and candy.