Francisco Pizarro

Jake B

Early Life

In Francisco Pizarro early life he grew up in Trujillo, Spain. Pizarro's father was named Gonzalo Pizarro. He was a colonel in the spanish army. His mother was a poor women living in Trujillo. Her name was Francisca. Since his parents never married, he was raised by his grandparents and was a pig herder. Since his family was poor Pizarro never knew how to read or write.

Conquering the Inca Empire

Francisco Pizarro went on three voyages. His goal was to sail to South America because he heard rumors about precious metals like gold and silver. His first voyage was a complete failure and he did not make it to South America. His second voyage, he made it to South America but only made it to the Tumbez people and the border of the Inca Empire. On his third voyage he captured the Inca Emperor Atahualpa. Since the Incas just fought a civil war between two brothers for the throne, they were weak. The Incas paid gold and silver for their Emperor's release but Pizarro killed him anyway and conquered the Inca Empire. He founded Lima Peru and was assassinated in 1541.
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How exploring changed since the “Age of Exploration”

I think it has changed because of technology. Now days we have GPS`s, Helicopters, planes, boats, and space ships. Also were exploring space now, not just the earth. We also have cameras so we can take photos. In conclusion exploring has changed tremendously thanks to technology.
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