Gold ( Au )

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Boiling point of gold is 2000 degrees Celsius and melting point is at 1062 degrees.

Density of gold is 19.3 g/cm^-3. Gold is also ductile. Gold is very good at conducting heat and electricity. Gold reacts with Chlorine and Florine. Gold can be found in rocks, bodies of water, and veins. Used to make jewelry and other valuables. Common compounds form fluorides, iodide, hydrides, etc. Reactive with chlorine and fluorine. May irritate skin or eyes.

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Gold today plays a big role in today's society. It's combination of it's uses and properties make this alloy elite. Gold has always been the staple of valuables for nearly all of it's existence.

Gold is used in many electrical and computer components do to it's heat and electrical conductivity. It is used in situations where other metals may be at a disadvantage do to chemicals; gold is resistant to chemicals. It is also used as a standard for jewelry. Some are said to have replaced their savings in gold; if the dollar loses it's value gold will still retain it's value. It's rarity gives it such a stand in today's market.

Gold is one of the heaviest metals and is also one of the most dense. Gold transfers heat and electricity well too. On top of that it resist chemicals and corrosion. This makes gold a good candidate for many uses in today's society. It is very hard to obtain which makes it a good value. The longer you wait to purchase the more scarce gold will become; thus raising prices. Investing in gold today will benefit you in the long run.