Charles Dickens

The author of A Christmas Carol


Charles Dickens was born on Febuary 7,1812, in landport, Portsmouth. His moms name was Elizabeth Dickens and his dad's name was John Dickens. He had 8 siblings, including him. They moved to London only for 2 years and had to move to back because of the lack of money they had. They moved to a poor town when they moved back. Then, his father could could not pay the debt or bills for the house. John was arrested and went to jail when Charles was 12. Charles had to stop going to school and to get a job to help out the family. He worked at a factory to gain money. A few months later, John returns home from jail. Charles stopped going to school at age 15 because he became an office boy in 1830. In 1833, Charles started writing short stories. His first published book was called, A Dinner at Popular Walk. He also helped with editing the daily news and newspapers. He then published a lot more books. He had 10 children and then in 1858, his wife died. In one of his readings, he had a mild stroke and had to be sent back home at glass hill, which was very popular and expensive back then. He then died in his house in 1870, June 9, from another stroke. His tomb says, " He was a sympathizer to the poor, the suffering , and the appressed; and by his death, one of England's greatest writers is lost to the world.

connection to present day

Charles Dickens famous Christmas Carol book. people make remakes of the book and have made movies. there are also Disney remakes, muppets remakes, and more of the Christmas Carol. Everybody knows the famous scrooge. we make memes about him and relate to him. The Christmas Carol Is a classic story to never forget.

The Impact

Charles Dickens positively influenced our society. Around or during Christmas, most people watch or read the Christmas Carol. some people even have decorations of the Christmas Carol to put around their house. People also get presents that have to do with a Christmas Carol, like coffee mugs. without Charles Dickens, people couldn't read or watch a Christmas Carol, or receive gifts about it. A Christmas carol is still relevant today, and everyone knows scrooges famous phrase, "ba hum bug".

Fun Facts

He had a secret door that was disguised as a bookcase.

On letters, he put, "clearest mouse" to address his future wife.

he drank a raw egg a couple of times.

He made up words that are now in the oxford dictionary.

A toothpick that he used was sold for $ 9,000 at an auction in 2009.


Charles Dickens has a total of 51 books. some of his books are, great expectations, oliver twist, our mutual friend, the chimes, hunted down, childs story, a Christmas Carol and other stories, etc. he was on of englands greatest writers, now you can see why.