FMS Teacher Genius Hour!

...Is Back for the 2016-2017 School Year!

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What is a Genius Hour?

A Genius Hour is based off of Google's 20% rule. Watch the video below to learn more.

What does the FMS Teacher Genius Hour look like?

  • Last year, in January 2016, FMS piloted the Teacher Genius Hour. The FMS Teacher Genius Hour occurred during the first and last Friday of every month. The overall consensus was overwhelmingly positive. Teachers felt like they had time to develop, create, curate! See some sample responses to FMS Teacher Genius Hour below.
  • Staff Responses to FMS Teacher Genius Hour: "I love having time to work on ways to make my classroom a blended learning environment." "It was nice to have more dedicated time during the school day to plan ahead. It was nice to be able to work through ideas without feeling rushed. The time was to really think calmly and not always feel under a time crunch."
  • Your time is PRECIOUS and time is needed to develop materials, learning experiences, stations that enhance your Blended Learning classroom.
  • 2 Fridays (First and Last Friday of the Month of every month) will be identified as Teacher Genius Hours at FMS (Other meetings such as Team, PLC, etc. will NOT be scheduled).
  • There will be a brief survey that is sent out to gather feedback
  • A Genius Hour Showcase will be held in the spring at a faculty meeting date TBD.

Why the FMS Teacher Genius Hour?

  • Teachers need TIME to design, create, curate sound academic resources that support Blended Learning models.
  • Aligns with district goals
  • Provides professional learning opportunities for teachers to innovate, design, and create, learning experiences that support Blended Learning and technology Integration promotes student wellness.
  • To provide teachers TIME to successfully build and execute playlists using Workspace, Gooru, etc. and house them in your digital house using Canvas.

Need an idea what to do during FMS Teacher Genius Hour? Look Here!

What interests you? What do you want to work on? What drives you to be creative in the classroom? Take your idea and run with it. Need an idea?

  • Work in your PLC or on your own? YOU Decide!
  • Innovate, Create, Transform... your classroom
  • Create a station rotation experience for your classroom (Begin to transform your classroom into a blended learning environment)
  • Build a playlist using Gooru or Workspace
  • Curate content to build your playlist
  • Create content for playlists (videos, infographics,,etc.)
  • Book a 1:1 PD Session on a topic that interests you and earn PD Hours
  • Book a TechBytes Session if you decide to work with your PLC on a topic that interests you and earn PD Hours
  • Create an online assessment using Google Forms or EdCite
  • Explore resources
  • Create a Workspace
  • Search for, create, and curate content in Gooru
  • Build a module in Canvas
  • Need an idea? Not sure where to start for your playlist, station rotation, PBL, etc? Get inspired for themes, projects, problems, tools, etc. by looking at resources from Pinterest, Next Lesson or the QuestGarden.

Sharing is Caring. Share your resources! What did you: create, curate, etc. during the FMS Genius Hour?

FMS 2016-2017 Teacher Genius Hour Dates!

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