Hair Bows

Flawless Bows

Target Marketing

For the product of Holiday Bows we are targeting to our parents that have daughters all ages. Our product will fit ever living moment of your daughters life.
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Customers and Consumers

The consumer is the one that wants the product or has an interest, and also receives the product from the person who purchased the product. The costumer is the person who purchases the product for the consumer.

All ages Girls, and Women!

My marketing segmentation is for girls of all ages.

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Buying this product want even cost you over at least $10.00 no matter how big or small. These bows can be used for anything you can even think of girls, and women of all ages will enjoy these bows its guaranteed. Our bows area description of you, your personality will reflect in your bow.

BE Creative!

Our product is used to show and have expression for how ever your feeling, or even just to have something that go occasionally with your attire/wardrobe at that moment. Your bows are created to fit your needs they can be for a holiday, a random event, a birthday, and even a day you just feel like wearing a bow.


As a example of showing off our product we would or even could present you with a fashionable bow show. We could even have a bow display.