This Week w/ Ms. Werth

April 4th - April 7th

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FYI - Tons of Important Information

Proctors - EOG Testing is right around the corner and we are in need of testing proctors - If you would like to take advantage of this wonderful volunteer opportunity please contact Assistant Principal Cory Trivett at

Butter Braids fundraiser - Our students started their Butter Braids fundraiser this past Monday, which will help raise money for the Haw River field trip they will take in fifth grade. The final collection date for the fundraiser is Monday, April 18th. Please contact Fletcher Ross with any additional questions at

PTO Evening Event – Blackburn’s PTO will be holding an evening event on Friday, April 29th from 6-8pm. Mrs. Schlagenhauf and Mrs. Akroyd are planning performances/displays for the evening and students will have the opportunity to purchase and decorate a ‘TILE’ that will forever be a part of Blackburn’s Tile Wall. There will be more details to come! Please mark your calendars for this event.

Our school's Cultural Day will be on April 29th - if your child is interested in wearing his/her native clothing and participating in the school-wide Fashion Show, please let me know so I can pass their name along to Mrs. Vue for the program. On a side note, thanks so much to those of you that were able to donate the 8 display poster boards for the event!

Math and Science

This week in math we have been working on measuring angles with a protractor as well as identifying those angles based solely on number (less than 90 degrees - acute, exactly 90 degrees - right, greater than 90 degrees - obtuse, and 180 degrees - straight). In continuation of this idea, we carried that concept over into triangles as we tried to identify triangles by both angles and sides (equilateral, isosceles, or scalene). Finally, we moved into polygons - the attributes that make a shape a polygon, concave and convex, and perimeter of those shapes. We will conclude the week with a post-test in which I look for all students to show growth.

This week in science we have started our next unit on animals with an introduction to what makes something a living organism. We have discussed organs, tissues, cells, etc. and learned a lot of fascinating facts! Additionally, I look forward to Grandfather Mountain's naturalists introducing some of our science unit's vocabulary to students during the Animal Habitats experience (i.e. habitats, adaptations, "survival of the fittest", etc.), which we will continue to build on in the classroom after our field trip next week.

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The Leader in Me - A Special Note from Mrs. Schlagenhauf

Musical Performance, Hmong Dancers, and a PTO Meeting

Friday April 29th @ 6:00 pm

Students in every grade level will be performing special musical compositions they have composed about our 7 Habits.

K – Habit 1

1st - Habit 2

2nd - Habit 3

3rd - Habit 4

4th- Habit 5 - Recorders

5th- Habit 6 – Choir Chimes

6th- Habit 7 – Hand Bells

*** Students can wear jeans and a colorful top or their Heritage Costumes to the program.

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Important Dates

  • Tuesday, April 5th - Report Cards Report Cards went home earlier this week, if you haven't signed and returned your child's, please do so (including postage if you would like the final report card mailed)
  • Friday, April 8th - Spring Pictures
  • Tuesday, April 12th - Grandfather Mountain Field Trip
  • Tuesday, April 12th - PDQ Spirit Night (5:00-9:00)
  • Wednesday, April 13th - 3rd Nine Week's Success Celebration
  • Monday, April 18th - Final Day of Butter Braids Fundraiser
  • Friday, April 29th - School-wide Cultural Day
  • Friday, April 29th - PTO Event (6:00-8:00pm)

Connect with Ms. Werth

Please note that email is my preferred form of communication and assures you, the parent, of the quickest possible response. Rest assured, that should you wish to contact me via another method, I will respond as soon as time permits. Thank you!