Christian Huygens

scientist explorer


huygens was born 1629 to 1695.

Christiaan Huygens was seriously ill in the last five years of his life. He died on March 8, 1695. He was 65 years old. Huygens was buried in Grote Kerk


Christian Huygens the first 5 moons were discovered in the 17th century 2 in 18th century 2 in the 19th century and 12 in the 20th century.Huygens had also discovered one of Saturns moons the Titan.The circumference of the Titan is estimated to be about 1,222.000 km.Huygens also discovered the Ttian in 1655.Titan was also the biggest moon in Saturn.


Saturn was discovered by a dutch astronomer Christian Huygens in 1655 Huygens had build a strong and powerful telescope.Christian Huygens had discoered one of the moons called the Saturni the saturni was called by a couple of astronomers the titan.