Jump Into January!

Connecting The Dots - The Charming Dotties

2015 is going to be EPIC!

Team Charming Rally Call TONIGHT!

Bringing Directors Retreat Home!
Tuesday, January 13th
8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT
Code: 955748#
Hear from all your Team Charming Leaders!
Top Tips, Key Takeaways and AhHa Moments to Make 2015 EPIC!

Detroit Spring RALLY Wed. Jan. 14th!

Make plans to join us!


Wanna win my Erin Condron Planner!?!

This year is all about GROWTH and so I've got a challenge/Flash Incentive for YOU!
Take these 3 steps TODAY...and comment HERE and YOUR name will be entered in a draw for one of the new ERIN CONDRIN CALENDERS! Remove that FEAR! Let's Do it! Let's Do it! Let's Do it!

Ready, Set, SHARE this opportunity through the 3 steps below!

1. Post this NEW video to your fb wall with a message like (feel free to tweak if you like):

I LOVE being a Stella & Dot stylist and am SO excited about our opportunity in 2015. Take a peek and if YOU or someone you know would love to learn more about becoming a stylist, please message me. We have an incredible sign up special and the BEST collection to date launching THIS week. There has never been a better time to get started:).

2. Text 2 past hostesses who you would LOVE to have join your team:

NAME OF HOSTESS, Happy New Year! OMG...thought of YOU:)! Take a peek...you may think I'm crazy but I think you would make an AMAZING stylist and we have the BEST sign up special EVER!! What do you think?


3. Text 2 friends:

NAME of Friend, OMG...thought of YOU! I know you may think I'm crazy...but would be honored for you to join my team, we would have a BLAST doing this together and I know that you would LOVE it! Take a peek...what do you think?


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Jump Into January!

Jump on January Sales and Sponsoring Incentive! Join in on the excitement of January and win 2 pieces from our Summer 2015 Collection! Pour your energy into sales and sponsoring for the next 21 days to win Hibiscus Chandelier Earring and Hibiscus Pendant!
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You’re off to an incredible start this month and we have even better news for you! Jump on January 2015 is here to help you rock your business and pick up 2 NEW gorgeous summer collection styles during the cold winter months!

Earn the Hibiscus Earrings! Sell 1,000 PVQ, 1/10 – 1/31, 11:59pmPT. That’s right, you’re just ONE Trunk Show away from taking home these beauties!

Earn the Hibiscus Pendant! Sponsor two new Stylists between 12/29 – 1/31, 11:59pmPT who sell 1,000 PQV in their Jumpstart. Since your January sign ups are already tracking to sell 1,000 PQV in their Jumpstart, to snap up that $199 rebate, it’s a win for everyone! Plus, if they hit their 1,000 PQV during their Quick Start, not only are you one Stylist away from the necklace, but they’ve snapped up the earrings too!

How can you win these Hibiscus pieces?

  • Book your Spring Debut Hostesses! Reach out to 10 prospectives, such as: past top customers, past hostesses, friends with Style – and someone you’ve been trying to ask but have been to “chicken” to call! Use our January Words to Say.
  • Hostess Coach! Hostess coaching is the best-known secret to growing your Trunk Shows and building your sales! Learn all about 40+, 10, 3, 2, 1 – to get your hostess excited and those orders coming in!
  • Warm up Prospective Stylists! January is the best time to build a business and many people you know are looking for new & fulfilling adventures. We are offering our best ever Sponsoring Special this month; ensure everyone knows what how much more product they will receive and the amazing deal they get if they sign up now!

Beat your BEST in Sponsoring!

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It's time to GROW!

It's time to grow AND beat your best in sponsoring!
If you've never sponsored and you do this month, then you'll DOUBLE your team size!!
If you have a team of 8, work to bring on more than you did as a team last January!
We're doing a fun little East-Coast vs. West-Coast Sponsoring Smackdown this month!
(We're part of the "East Coast" team)

Directors Retreat by the numbers:

Some of you LOVE facts, figures, & stats and I'm so excited to share these with you!

· $2,250,086 in charitable contributions
· 200,000 engraved pieces sold in just 6 months
· Since launch of sampling coupon program, stylists have an average of $450 more in jewelry on their tables and 27% MORE stylists got more product!
· 1.8 BILLION media impressions in 2014
· Social Media followers increased!
· 394k followers on Facebook 14% growth Facebook
· 46k twitter 19% growth
· 109k instagram 48% growth
· 42k Pinterest 36% growth
· 9k Youtube 20%growth
· 2014 BEST December we ever had! (16%+ over last year in sales & sponsoring)
· Lowest friction holiday EVER
· 66% more people earned Dot Dollars; Higher redemption over last year
· +2 million packagesin 2014 ; 99.9% fill rate
· 99.9% shipped within a day (5 hours processing time)
· 83,000 packages/wee before holidays; 99.6% delivered on time
· 500K pounds of waste saved with bubble mailers
· Average hold time with Delight Center 2-3 minutes
· Holiday site outage = 61 minutes vs. 1440 in 2013
· 2800 promotions since September
· Majority hitting payrank vs. just 1/3 last year
· 56% are earning at least 10% more; only 1% are earning more than 10% less

Meet with Local Stylists!

Rallies, Meet-ups, & MSD's around the country!

Always look here and invite your prospective stylists to events with you OR send them to one around the country... (**Just be sure to let me know so I can reach out to their local leader on your behalf just so someone is on the lookout so your guest receives a super warm welcome!!) http://stylewatch.stelladot.com/events/

Systems vs. Goals

This is a fantastic article I encourage everyone to check out!

Commit to a process, not necessarily a goal. Give up the need for immediate results. Create systems to make progress.

I think this mind-shift is going to create some great strategic long-term solutions for us all!!