Digital Citizenship Project

Noah K P.2

Below this is 7 Rules that can keep you out of trouble on the internet

Rule #One Digital Etiquette

Be respectful on the web: Treat others how you would want to be treated.

Rule #Two Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is not: See you may be just be playing around but it might hurt the person how your taking to even if you cant see there face your still talking to a real humans with feelings and emotions .

Rule #Three Copy Right

Copyright helps the creator that made something original, So people could not copy what the creator as made.

Rule #Four Safety Online

Be safe Online don't share personal information with other on the internet. make sure to check out the website and ask your parents if the website is good or bad.

Rule #Five information privacy

Don't share your email with pop up ads because the might just be spammer that wants to send you viruses and bad thing kids should not see, So never give your email out think before you act.

Rule #6 plagiarism

Give credit don't to author don't just copy wold for word and don't copy all the main words if you don't know what they mean put it in your own words.

Rule #7 Social Networking

Make sure to get permission and don't sure personal or embracing photos

What is Digital Citizenship and why is it helpful