WANTED: Adolf Hitler


By: Ashlyn Perry

REWARD: $1 million

Treaty of Versailles

Hitler did not agree with the treaty for many reasons. One main reason being that that it limited the size of his army. He was also not allowed to go into a 30-mile-wide range of either side of the Rhine River. He broke both of these rules which eventually led to Germany having more power than the other countries and Hitler gained power within Germany.

World War II

In World War II, Hitler invaded many countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and more using Germany's new Blitzkrieg military strategy. Many countries fell or surrendered without much of a fight back, but countries like the Soviet Union would not give up and fought back until Hitler moved onto Moscow. In just the beginning of this one war, Hitler and his armies caused very many deaths and much damage.

Central Beliefs

  • Christians are better than Jews.
  • Jews are the source of all evil and pollute the Aryan Race.
  • The Treaty of Versailles should be abolished.
  • Germans were the perfect race.
  • Jews caused the Germans to loose World War I.

Why He is Wanted

  • He invades other countries ruthlessly.
  • He goes against the Treaty of Versailles.
  • He put Jews in concentration camps.
  • He kills citizens in air strikes.
  • He wants to take over and expand Eastern Europe.