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The 6th and 7th grade bands performed exceptionally well last Wednesday. Thank you to Jeff and Dodi for their leadership.

Please welcome Colleen Kitson Perrin who will be subbing in Kevin McMillen's classroom for the remainder of the 2nd quarter.

Have a great week!


Please note the changes in the advisory schedule. On Thursday of this week, 6th grade students and teachers will complete a required technology survey. Please reserve computer space ahead of time if necessary. I will email the survey link to students and teachers on Thursday morning.

Also, everyone will be doing the same Team Building exercise over the next several advisory periods. We will share these details soon.

Week 17

12/9: HAC CHECK/Read/Monitor Goals (Lock down/Shelter in Place Drill)

12/11: 6th: Education and Technology Survey, 7th: Team building exercise, 8th: HAC CHECK/Read/Monitor Goals

K-12 Students (password = penn1 ) Survey can be accessed on the P-H-M Homepage under Hot Topics.

Week 18

12/16: 7th: Education and Technology Survey, 8th: Team building exercise, 6th: HAC CHECK/Read/Monitor Goals

12/18: 8th: Education and Technology Survey, 6th: Team building exercise, 7th: HAC CHECK/Read/Monitor Goals

K-12 Students (password = penn1 ) Survey can be accessed on the P-H-M Homepage under Hot Topics.

e-Learning: Lessons due on Friday 12/12

We are prepared to move forward with the planning of eLearning for snow days.

We currently have one snow day already built in on March 20th; we will use this day on the very first snow day if we have one.

Teachers will collaborate across schools to develop three different assignments for all content areas at each grade level. SMS will lead the development of the Math, Art, Band, World Languages and PLTW. Social Studies and Science lessons will be developed during district meetings in December. Language Arts, Choir will be lead by GMS teachers. Orchestra and PE will be lead by DMS teachers.

Integrated Modules

Teachers will create eLearning modules which are tied to content standards and literacy standards. Teachers will create lessons that will eventually be housed in folders accessible online. Teachers will create lessons for 3 days of class. The assignments will be designed to be completed on the day of inclement weather.

Each grade level content area across the district must reach consensus on eLearning assignments. A grade level content communicator will collaborate with colleagues to create the lessons.

  • Each grade level content area will turn in eLearning assignments to the principal for approval. They will be labeled eLearning Day 1, eLearning Day 2, eLearning Day 3.

  • Teachers will create lessons that can be accessible online.

  • Plans must be ready for principal review by December 12th, 2014.

  • Assignments will be counted as a homework grade

  • Hard copy versions need to be available for students without internet access

Some lesson ideas:

  • ISTEP prep

  • Acuity practice

  • Close reading w/ quick check for understanding

Things to remember:

  • This is a homework grade

  • We should not introduce a new skill or concept

  • Keep lessons simple

  • Acuity lessons for LA are acceptable options

  • Submit by Dec. 12th for review

On e-Learning days, teachers must be available via email (or other means such as Google classroom, Skype, etc) during regular school hours in order to help their students.

We want to keep these plans simple. One assignment for each content area at each grade level will should be created. We will not create a different assignment for reg/acc/honors students.

Articles Worth Reading


IMPORTANT FOR LANGUAGE ARTS AND MATH TEACHERS: students should be given enough time (no more than two class periods) to finish this assessment. Please tell students not to rush and ensure students they have enough time to finish.

Student Services

Electronic referrals:

1. Please make sure that you discuss the referral with the student before submitting.

2. If conducting a referral that does not go through the four step process, you should still make contact with the parent the day you submit the referral. This contact will help keep the parents informed of the process.

3. If conducting a referral for an infraction that does go through the four step process, please include the dates and the teacher actions taken. This can be done in the notes section of where you type the incident details.

4. If you are submitting your first electronic referral, feel free to email Mr. McMillen and Mr. Miller to make sure that it has been submitted correctly.

5. If you are having difficulty submitting referrals or recording classroom issues, please review the video tutorials one more time. If it is still confusing, arrange a time for Mr. Miller to walk you through the process. Student Services will no longer accept hand written referrals.

6. Finally, please remember that communicating with Mr. McMillen and Mr. Miller is a critical step in this process.

School Messenger and Delays/Cancellations

To ensure PHM has accurate information, please update your personal contact information on the form below. The information you provide will be used when PHM sends notifications of school delays and cancellations.

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Twitter (Social Media)

Have you ever considered setting up a twitter account? I have just recently learned that using a Twitter account as a PLN (professional learning network) can be a great resource for professional development. There are so many great ideas and articles shared through this social media platform. Try it out. If you want to learn more about how to use twitter, please let me know. Consider following these Twitter feeds....

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