Microbial Identification

16s / 18s rRNA Sequencing

Identify your Microbes upto Species level using our latest sequencing technology @ Rs.3000/-

Try our sequencing service for identifying Bacteria, Actinomycetes, Fungi, Mushroom, Yeast, Algae etc., We help you identify up to species level. It just cost Rs.3000/- only.

What you need to do?

Just give your samples in Agar plate/tube we do everything for you - DNA Extraction, DNA Amplification (PCR) with universal primers, Purification of PCR Product, Sequencing Forward, Reverse and complete Bioinformatic Analysis.

We give complete sequencing data in different file formats (*.ab1, *.pdf, & *.txt).

Also we help you for submitting the sequence in Gene Bank and getting the accession number.