SWJH Media Center

December 7-11

Spanish Classes Flex Their Writing and Speaking Skills!

Sra. Ballinas and Rutherford's Spanish classes made use of the media center space this week. They used flexible grouping for their classes for the writing process, technical aspects of writing, and applying prior critical and editing strategies to new vocabulary and speaking skills. Students were on-task and seemed to benefit from the tasks they were given for the two days. Muy bien!

Toys for Tots Dropoff

Monday, Dec. 14th 2015 at 7am to Friday, Dec. 18th 2015 at 7:45am

SWJH Media Center, 200 10th Avenue East, Shakopee, MN 55379

Student Council is sponsoring the annual Toys for Tots toy drive again this year the week of December 14-18. For every toy brought in to the Media Center, students will receive a drawing slip for a prize. Deadline for toy drop off is 7:45 a.m. on Friday, December 18. Student Council will announce drawing winners during announcements that day. Let's show our giving spirit and grit this holiday season at Shakopee West Junior High!
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Check out some of our newest eBooks!

With the winter break quickly approaching, please know that we continue to add new eBook titles to MackinVia, our eBook database. The app is very user-friendly and it will alleviate a trip to the public library, unless you want to go there as it is a very cool place!

http://www.scottlib.org/SitePages/default.aspx Happy reading!

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Activities to Keep Students Busy over Winter Break!

Catch up on Your Reading

Seriously – when was the last time you read a book that you didn’t have to? Pick up a book because it looks interesting, cozy up and get lost in it. Enjoy – you’ll be happy you did!

Have a Snowman Building Party (if we get any snow!)

Pull together a pile of old winter accessories, buttons and carrots (for decorating, of course). Then invite over all the friends (or siblings, or neighbors) you can, pair up and build some snowmen! Hand out awards for the biggest, the funniest and the most original snowmen. (Be sure to take lots of photos!) Cap it all off with some hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies.

Hang Out With School-Only Friends

I'm talking about the friendly people in your classes whom you haven't gotten around to hanging out with outside of school. With your main pals on vacation, winter break is the perfect time to bring a couple of new friends into the fold. Make some low-pressure plans like holiday shopping at the mall or going out for brunch.


Why not? Thanks to the holidays, you'll already be in the giving spirit - and with school out, you have no excuse not to give a little love to your community. Get some inspiration from this list of community service ideas.

Take On a Two-Week Creative Project

You know what feels darn good? Making something - and actually finishing it. How about making an old-school zine, making a YouTube video set to your favorite song, painting your bedroom (with your parents' permission, of course) or sewing a new tote bag?

See How Strong You Can Get!

Try doing these easy strength-building exercises, or these slightly harder ones, every other day of winter vacation. Balance it out with some jogging, some walking around - really, anything besides sleeping or hanging around the house in your pajamas. By the time school starts again, you'll feel great!

What books/eBooks would you like to see in the Shakopee West JH Media Center?

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