Lincoln Agenda

November 17-21 and 24-25, 2014

What's Happening....

Monday, 11/17

8:05 Staff Meeting

Paws Redemption

Grades 3-5 Lesson Demos in the Morning

Tuesday, 11/18

8:05 Balanced Literacy: Primary Reading

Potluck Lunch

Wednesday, 11/19 - Sub Alert Day

8:05 PD

AM- 4th Grade Literacy PD

PM - 3rd Grade & 5th Grade Literacy PD

6:00 PM 1st and 2nd Grade Concert

Thursday, 11/20

8:05 RTI Intermediate

Spell Bowl "Parade" Send off at 3:00

Spell Bowl at Timothy Ball in C.P. at 5:00

Friday, 11/21

8:05 Grade Level

Lucky Lessons K-2 at 1:00, 3-5 at 2:00

Monday, 11/24

8:05 Safety Meeting

Yearbook Cover Contest ends

1:45 5th grade puberty lessons

Tuesday, 11/25

8:05 Balanced Literacy: Intermediate Reading

2nd grade Thanksgiving

Wednesday, 11/26 - Friday 11/28

Happy Thanksgiving! No School. Have a wonderful Fall Break!

TEACHERS-Be sure to write classroom events on the dry erase calendars in the office.

Hour of Code

Don't forget about the Hour of Code. This can take place anytime between December 8-14. It is not mandatory but is a great way to introduce coding to your students.

Discipline Referrals

If you send a student to the office, please fill out a discipline referral to send with him or her. This is needed when talking with students and allows us to track referrals.

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