Falcon Frenzy

September 26

Mission Statement

St. Joseph Academy, a Christ-centered Catholic community, rooted in faith, knowledge and values, inspires students to live the gospel message in school, the community, and the world and to achieve academic excellence through relevant and challenging curriculum.

2 Choir Opportunities

There are two choir opportunities for students in grades 3-8:

Mass Choir Practice on Tuesdays: Students in grades 3-8 who would like to sing in the school mass choir on Wednesdays, should plan to attend practice afterschool on Tuesdays from 3:15-3:45pm in the school chapel. Only those students who attend practice on Tuesdays may sing with the choir on Wednesdays. At 3:45, students will be escorted to the gate by the dining hall along Frank Lloyd Wright Way. Those students not picked up at 3:45pm will go to aftercare.

Falcon Concert Choir on Wednesdays: Students in grades 3-8 are also invited to join Mrs. VanWieren for Concert Choir on Wednesdays afterschool from 3:15pm-4:15pm. At 4:15pm, students will be escorted to the gate near the dining hall along Frank Lloyd Wright Way. Those students not picked up at 4:15pm will be escorted to aftercare.

Parent Teacher Conferences

As we approach the midway point of the first trimester, all parents of students in Kindergarten through grade 8 are required to attend Parent Teacher Conferences on Thursday, October 3 and Friday, October 4.

Kindergarten through Grade 4: Parents of students in kindergarten through grade 4 have an assigned time for a ten minute conference with your child's homeroom teacher. Please find the conference form in today's white envelope with your confirmed conference time. For those of you who did not request a time, a conference has been scheduled for you. If you have a conflict with your assigned conference time, please call the school office and speak with Mrs. Dyer to schedule a more convenient time. Please remember that conferences are scheduled for every ten minutes. I ask that you respect this schedule. If, after ten minutes, you require additional time, your child's teacher will be happy to schedule a time to meet with you at a later date.

Grades 5 through 8: Parents of middle school students are asked to pick up your child's progress report in the middle school hallway. Then parents may meet with teachers of their choosing. All middle school academic teachers will be available for conferences on Thursday, October 3 from 2:30pm-6pm and Friday, October 4 from 2:30-3:30pm. Please remember that conferences are limited to ten minutes. If, after ten minutes, you need additional time, we will be happy to schedule a conference at a later date.

October Lunch Menu

October lunch menus were sent home in white envelopes last Thursday and can be found on our school website at sjalakeland.org. October lunch orders and payments are due in the school office by Friday, September 27th. Please remember that parents are asked to submit the payment for October lunches along with the calendar.

Soaring Falcon and Shining Stars

We will recognize our September Soaring Falcons following mass on Wednesday, October 2nd. Additionally, our first graders are the Shining Stars. Parents of first graders don't want to miss their presentation and are invited to join us for mass and these presentations. Mass begins at 8:53am on Wednesday.

2pm Dismissal

Families are reminded that we will dismiss at 2pm on Thursday, October 3 and Friday, October 4 for Parent Teacher Conferences. Aftercare will be provided until 6pm both days.

$1 Dress Down

Students are invited to pay $1 and dress down on Thursday, October 3rd.

7th Grade NUT Day $1

Students are invited to dress down and pay $1 on Friday, October 4. Funds raised from this dress down day will go towards 8th grade graduation activities.

Altar Server Training

Students in grades 3-8 who are interested in altar serving at school masses are invited to an Altar Server Training on Thursday, October 10 from 3:15-4:15pm in the school chapel. Students must be Catholic, have received their First Holy Communion, and be in the third through eighth grade. Mr. Canter will be conducting the training and will escort students to the gate near the dining hall along Frank Lloyd Wright Way at 4:15pm. If parents are not there to pick up their child(ren), they will be taken to aftercare.

Student Cell Phone Policy

Students are discouraged from bringing cell phones to school. However, for those students who choose to bring a cell phone to school, policies must be strictly adhered to. All student cell phones must be turned off and in student backpacks. Teachers and St. Joseph Academy will not be held responsible for missing, stolen or broken cell phones at the school.

In the event that a cell phone goes off while in a student backpack, St. Joseph Academy reserves the right to remove the phone from the backpack. Confiscated cell phones will be given to administration, and parents will be notified. Parents will need to make an appointment to come into the school to sign a Cell Phone Violation policy at a time convenient for administration. We cannot guarantee that administration will be available to meet with the parent and return the cell phone on the same day that it is confiscated.

If there is reason to suspect that a student is in possession of a cell phone, or the cell phone is not in the student's backpack, administration reserves the right to search the backpack, student possessions, or ask a student to empty his/her pockets. If it is confirmed that a student is carrying the cell phone, and that it is not in his/her backpack, the cell phone will be confiscated and given to administration. Parents will need to make an appointment with the principal to sign a Cell Phone Violation policy. Again, we cannot guarantee that administration will be available to meet with the parent and return the cell phone on the same day that the phone is confiscated.


Please remember that times for students to eat and drink (something other than water) is limited to snack and lunchtime daily. All students have an opportunity for a morning snack at the teacher's discretion around 9am-10am. For all students in grades 2-8, this is a working snack, meaning students are working while they have their snack brought from home. This is a small snack, not a meal. It should be a healthy snack and should not be messy.

Students may not enter the building in the morning with a food or drink. Some students are getting out of the car with drinks from Starbucks or McDonalds, etc. This is not permitted. Students will be told to throw away their drink or food if they bring it into the building in the morning with them. You can help by ensuring that students finish all food before exiting the car in the morning.

Finally, students may not bring food to share with classmates during lunch. This includes treats, pizza, etc. There are many grades in the lunchroom at the same time. It is not fair to have one class enjoying pizza, cupcakes, etc if we do not have enough to share with the whole cafeteria. If you choose to send in a small treat (donut, cookie, etc) to celebrate a child's birthday, please be sure you reach out to the homeroom teacher ahead of time.

Thank you for your help with this as we strive to maximize learning during our school day.

SFC Homecoming Tailgate Flyer

Room Parents

Thank you to the following parents who have committed to serve as Room Parents this school year. If you have volunteered and don't find your name below, please accept my apologies and email Mrs. Haas at thaas@sjalakeland.org to be added. We are still looking for a room parent for kindergarten. The next meeting of the Room Parents will be Tuesday, October 8 at 8am in the dining hall. All are welcome to join us.

VPK A: Milda Louis Pierre

VPK B: Kara Martin


Grade 1: Crystal Abetrani, Heather Ayscue, Stacy Sarvis

Grade 2: Ana Taft, Kelley Tarte

Grade 3: Griselda Nunez

Grade 4: Ana Taft, Stephanie Ellerbe

Grade 5: Jackie Diaz, Sandy Gibbs

Grade 6: Fernando Gonzalez, Mayleivis Dorta, Fallon Jaques,

Grade 7: Leidy Townson, Jeanne Bacon, Lisa Loomis, Tracy Clark

Grade 8: Lily Corelli, Jackie Diaz, Stephanie Vazquez

Way to Go Falcons!

Both our Boys' Soccer and Girls' Volleyball teams won their games this week. Congratulations athletes on hard fought games. We are proud of your teamwork and perseverance. Boys have a game at home on Monday against St. Anthony and at Resurrection on Wednesday. The girls volleyball team plays at Resurrection on Wednesday. GO FALCONS!

Now Forming: Athletic Booster Club

We are now forming an Athletic Booster Club and would love to have you consider joining. Mindy Hunley has agreed to serve as chairperson of this committee. The purpose of the Athletic Booster Club is to support Falcon Athletics. One of their primary roles will be fundraising to enhance our current athletic program. If you are interested in learning more, please email Mrs. Haas at thaas@sjalakeland.org. An organizational meeting will be scheduled in the near future.

Denim and Diamonds TShirts

The students look great in their Denim and Diamonds Tshirts every Thursday with uniform bottoms. Thank you for supporting our biggest fundraiser of the year. The response of tshirt orders has been fantastic! If you recently ordered a shirt, volunteers were in this morning to fill as many orders as possible. There are still some orders that we haven't been able to fill. We are accepting one more batch of orders between now and October 15th. If you haven't received your shirt, you will receive it after the 15th, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Further, if you would still like to order a shirt, please do so by October 15th. An order form can be found by clicking on the link below.


We will be collecting Box Tops all year long! You can turn them into the front office in Ziploc bags with your child’s name and teacher’s name on it. For every 25 Box Tops you send in, your child’s name will be entered into a drawing for a prize at the end of the collection period (October 18th)!!!

Don’t forget…..the class with the most non expired Box Tops will win a party!!!

St. Joseph Academy

Interim Prinicpal: Mrs. Haas
Pastor: Fr. Tim LaBo
Superintendent Diocese of Orlando: Mr. Fortier