Media Literacy

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What does it mean to be Media Literate?

Media started way back in the 1920’s when the radio was first invented. It has evolved greatly since then. The media is a major part of our culture and has a large influence on today’s generation. In today’s world we are surrounded with media so understanding it will help you understand our own society and the values within. Now the media consists of Instagram, Facebook, twitter, etc. etc. The term media literate means understanding and being able to comprehend the media, including mass communications like television, radio, movies, music, magazines, etc. etc. It is being able to understand the messages promoted through the media and the tools of persuasion used to do so. It means to be aware of the media around us and to be able to analyze the messages within. To be able to watch an advertisement and actually understand what is being said rather than just looking at the pretty models. The media is a commercial interested business that sells ideologies. This means the media tries to send subtle messages to change a person’s view on a certain topic. Being media literate means being able to understand what techniques the media uses to grab the audience’s attention. Also it means to be able to restrain yourself from certain messages. This includes not listening to everything you hear on Facebook and other social media sites and actually doing research about the topic. Also being able to understand what is really being said on the news and how much of it is real. If we can understand media we will be able to walk hand in hand with today’s generation and the society.

Coca-Cola Superbowl – Going All The Way

Coca-Cola plays an advertisement during the Super Bowl that demonstrates how a kid left his small field carrying a football, where he was playing with his friends, and went all the way to a real football field where he shouted, “touchdown.” Coca-Cola supported their description by adding humor, meaning and emotion to the commercial. The company’s purpose was to bring up the feeling of accomplishment along with a Coca-Cola in order to encourage the desire of having Coca-Cola during the Super Bowl. Coca-Cola as a company presents in an informal and entertaining tone for the people of ages 10-40, who watch and enjoy the super bowl with their friends and family.

Coca-Cola - Going All The Way - Official :60


Anique Punjwani, Staff Reporter

Monday 31 march 2014

Gwinnett – High school dropout drug addict with a past history of being in jail was found unconscious on the side of the street after drug overdose, police said on Monday

His so called best friend says, “He lived a happy life, with a good career as a street pharmacist, he had a nice 5 star room reserved under his name in the Gwinnett County Jail. “

The police searched his temporary card board hotel room and found a lot of pharmaceutical medicine, which his friend referred to as “pot.”

Here is a little interview with the man himself after he was taken to the hospital

Q - What was your daily life like?

A - I think I made a great life out of myself after the men on the side of the street gave me motivating advice. After I successfully dropped out of high school and become a street pharmacist I think my life went uphill from there. Before I had to work night and day doing work my teachers made me, but after I dropped out life was great, independent. . Every day, I would be served with the gourmet dollar menu McDonalds McChicken.

Q - After you get out of jail where would you like to restart your life?

A - My house in jail is amazing, I feel like it is a little joint family. However, when I leave I would like to go back to the men who first started my career in hope of them helping me out again to restart my career.

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"Jai Ho Song" Baaki Sab First Class (Video Song) | Salman Khan | Releasing: 24 Jan 2014


This is an Indian song from a movie that came out not to long ago. The movie sends out the message of how corrupt and selfish the government is. This is the title song and it sums up the movie every well. The song does not directly relate to 1984 directly, but it does remind me of how the government is corrupt. In the movie it shows how the prime minister does wrong deeds; however he gets away with it since he has position and power. This is very much like 1984 because in the book the inner party gets away with its actions just because it is in power. Also in the movie they show that the prime minister tortures many innocent people to get information out from them. This same act can be seen by the torture Winston is put through in room 101. The song talks about things that are wrong in india and they put it in a satirical manner. They say this is wrong, that is wrong, but besides that everything else is perfect (Baki sab first class hai). The song points out how police in India don’t do anything to help people and how they watch crimes being committed but they completely ignore it. Same thing can be seen in 1984, but the other way around. In 1984, the government commits crimes and people just watch without saying anything or standing up against the government.


In the beginning of the year, we wrote an entry about what it means to be media literate. From that day to now my views on media literacy have not changed, however my understanding has become more broad and deepened. Now I do not only know what media literacy is, but I can consider myself to be media literate. I now know how to analyze the articles I see on social media, commercials I see on TV, and I can get a deeper message of what I see in movies and read in books.

Over the semester, this media literacy class has taught me how to understand the influence of social media. It has taught me how to understand and pick of the positive and negative effects of social media on me and my surroundings. This course has taught me how to understand the meaning of satire in terms of understanding what message to get out of it and what content should be considered hysterical. This class has taught me to understand the effects social media has on me and that any content I lost online will follow me as a permanent tattoo throughout my life. The book 1984 and the movie V for Vendetta taught me that the government has an unimaginable amount of power which can make you believe anything but despite that we should stand up against the evil in the world.

From this class I will take away many skills one of which is the art of using a preci to describe any piece of writing. Frist when the preci was introduced to us, it was a hard concept that went completely over my head, however when I sat down to actually do my assignment it was a lot easier than I thought and I found myself using this art when I wrote other essays. Using a preci with my writing not only made my writing longer and added quantity, but it also added quality.

In most language arts classes, I always focused on reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and multiple scantron tests, however this class taught me those skills along with many others without the use of tests. This class focused on learning how media literacy can influence in the society, rather than focusing on taking tests, quizzes, and testing my vocabulary. In my opinion, I think this class was way better compared to the language arts classes because it taught us skills that we will be using in the future whether it is in a job or in secondary continuous education. Also I really enjoyed the fact that this class was similar to an online class because this is the format we will be using in all of our future courses.

Overall this class is perfect the way it is, however I think this class is something people take likely since not much pressure is put on us. To improve this you could make a stricter deadline to ensure that people take it more seriously.