equal in value, measure, force, effect, significance, etc.

What does it mean?

If something is equivalent to something else, it means that they are exactly the same, even if they might not look identical.

According to Webster...


[ih-kwiv-uh-luhnt or for 5, ee-kwuh-vey-luhnt]


1. equal in value, measure, force, effect, significance, etc.: His silence is equivalent to an admission of guilt.

2. corresponding in position, function, etc.: In some ways their prime minister is equivalent to our president.

3. Geometry . having the same extent, as a triangle and a square of equal area.

4. Mathematics . (of two sets) able to be placed in one-to-one correspondence.

5. Chemistry . having the same capacity to combine or react chemically.

How to Use it in a Sentence:

The findings suggest that if patients receive equivalent treatment, the outcomes for men and women can be strikingly similar.

That's roughly equivalent to about two thirds the size of the observable universe.

Three teaspoons is equivalent to one tablespoon.

Her parents grounded her for a year, which is the equivalent of killing her social life.