Newsletter No. 2 Week 4 Term 2

Tokoroa Intermediate School 18 May 2023

Principal's Pen

Good afternoon whanau,

It is getting colder now, so please make sure the children's clothing is named as when it does heat.

Congratulations to our EPRO 8 teams who represented us. Last week was a great introduction to engineering. Thank you to Holsters Engineering for their sponsorship of our in school competition; without them we could not be doing what we are doing. For the first time we had a team in the top three to go onto the semi finals next week. Our top three groups will be rewarded by being able to take a tour of the Holsters workshop.

Let's hold our breath for the new budget announcement tonight. I am hoping our free lunches remain. They are healthy, nutritious and we have very settled children who are not hungry.

Have a safe and happy weekend.

Pink Shirt Day 2023

Tokoroa Intermediate School is joining the movement on Pink Shirt Day this Friday, 19 May 2023, encouraging our staff and students to Kōrero Mai, Kōrero Atu, Mauri Tū, Mauri Ora – Speak up, Stand Together, Stop Bullying!

Bullying in Aotearoa is a real problem. We have the third-highest rate of school bullying out of 36 OECD countries and one in five workers feels discriminated against or bullied at work. Those bullied are far more likely to experience mental health issues. Pink Shirt Day works to reduce bullying by celebrating diversity in all its forms and supporting schools, workplaces and communities to be safe, supportive, welcoming and inclusive for everyone.

To celebrate this important kaupapa we’ll be fundraising to support Pink Shirt Day by holding a Mufti Day tomorrow, Friday, 19th May. Staff and students are encouraged to wear pink and to bring $2.00 please.

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School Swimming Sports

We are holding our Swimming Sports at the Tokoroa Indoor Pools next Tuesday, 23rd May. Only students who have entered will compete and have received a notice to take home. Children are to be dropped off at the pools by 9 am and will be released from the pools at 2.30 pm.

EPro8 - Engineer, Problem Solve, Innovate

Last week each whare had a day to construct an EPro8 challenge. We had to work in teams of 4 with a low amount of equipment. Mrs Stephenson gave us EPro8 challenge cards that we had to read really, really carefully. We had 3 challenges to achieve which were:

1. Learning how to use the equipment

2. Waterproof and tornado proof hut, And last but not least was a dump truck with a bed that could tip shredded paper from the top. We had to follow the criteria and couldn't move on to the next criteria until the first was complete, and once we thought we had achieved that criteria we had to put our hands up to signal Mrs Stephenson.

On Friday morning we found out which teams were in the whare competition and surprisingly my team R.2.D.2 (Honore’s Team) and the T.I.S Warriors (Tika’s team) and a few others such as the Purple Snurples (Pono’s Team) and even the Dream Team (Manaaki’s Team) and a couple more from each whare made it. In the whare competition we had 3 challenges that we could choose from which were: 1. A Dunk tank 2. A water well and 3. A certificate vending machine. R.2.D.2 made the water well which made them come 1st, and the rest of the teams made a Dunk Tank. At the end of the day we had a little prize giving and the teams that tied for 2nd were the T.I.S Warriors and the Purple Snurples which then meant we were going to Taupo for the Waikato Interschools quarter finals.

Last night (17th of May) at Hilltop School, Taupo, The 3 teams who were chosen got to compete in the Waikato quarter finals against many different schools. We travelled to Taupo after school and when we arrived we got ready at our assigned stations for the competition to start. There was so much more equipment than we had started with so before we could start building we got a demonstration of how the new equipment worked. We had 1 minute to choose from 4 different challenges which were: 1. ACar wash 2. A Grandfather clock 3. A Rat wheel, and the last challenge we could choose from was 4. The Thunderstorm. The most common Challenge chosen was the Grandfather clock, However some of the teams (there were 12 teams in the competition) made the car wash. We had 2 and a half hours to complete our challenge, But there was a twist. At any time we could pull apart our construction and start making another one of the challenges. We could also get bonus points for keeping our assigned area tidy. Something we learned that night was the Importance of reading. Another thing we learned was how to use the new equipment, such as the electronic sets and the extremely hot rope cutter. In the end R.2.D.2 came 2nd to last because the team was not getting along very well, the T.I.S Warriors managed to come in 5th and then there were the purple snurples who came in 2nd equal with another school. So that means they get to go to Rotorua on the 24th of May (next Wednesday) for the Waikato and Bay of plenty Semi finals. If they manage to come 1st, 2nd or 3rd, they will be going to the Finals on Thursday the 25th of May (next Thursday). We finished off the night at Burgerfuel where we all got a free kids meal all thanks to Mrs Mariasoucce and Mrs Stephenson. It was delicious and we had a brilliant evening.

Special thanks to Mrs Stephenson for running the EPro8 and being an awesome teacher for the students, also a really huge thanks to Mrs Mariassouce for taking over 1 of the teams and shouting us Burgerfuel afterwards. We had a great time, Thank you.

Written By, Rylee Groen-Taylor-Rm 19 and Leah Luatua-Rm 5

Garden to Table

Despite the weather our gardens seem to be growing strong. Our students are beginning to use our produce grown in their Food Technology program. The last two weeks students have been making soups and this week they have made flat bread to accompany their soup. We also had another seedling sale where we have been blown away with the fantastic support from our community. Keep an eye out for our Spring Seedling Sales early in the fortcoming Spring.

We have worked out that we need many more gardens to keep up the demand of using produce in our Food Technology program. If you are able to support us with timber or other edging products we really would appreciate it. We are hoping to build at least two plastic bottle glasshouses as well. If you think you can help, please do not hesitate in contacting Mrs Stephenson through the office.

Being part of Garden to Table opens us up to sponsorship that we are truely grateful for. Last week we received two generous donations one from Tui, which gave us Tui products for us to use, and another from Zealandia, who sent us 100 more seedlings. This is wonderful for us so if you can you supporting them in your own purchases helps us in a round about way.

We are still working on how to integrate Garden to Table into more aspects of our school. Keep watching ou newletter for updates on how our garden is progressing.

From our School Garden to the Kids' Tables

Fresh produce from our own gardens is now available. We are now running a garden to table programme at our school. Ms Livingstone enjoys taking her Huarahi students out to collect the veggies. This is an enriching experience for our students to see where the food comes from.

This week students enjoyed a delicious healthy vegetable soup and flat bread, prepared to perfection by themselves. I rated this soup a 10/10 and better than any burger in town. Students enjoyed the soup so much that they even wanted to take some home.

Thanks to Mrs Stephenson for leading a team of teachers and students to get our gardens established.

(Mr Olls, Huarahi Teacher)

School Gardens - Tools & Plastic Bottles Needed

We are on the scrounge for our Mara Kai.

We are looking for gardening hand tools, pitch forks, spades. If you no longer need them we would really appreciate them.

We are also on the hunt for 1.5 litre clear plastic soft drink bottles. We need hundreds to build a 'glass' house for our seedlings. Please send them to school with your child.

Grandparents Day - Rā Kaumatua

This is the first time that we are holding a Grandparents Day at Tokoroa Intermediate on Tuesday, 30th May. Students have invited their grandparents/special persons in their life, and we look forward to welcoming them all and showing them around.

Please make sure the return slips get back to us by the end of this week for catering purposes.

Pine Cones For Sale

Our students have been busy collecting pine cones and bagging them up for sale. A bag is $10 each. Please contact our school office if you would like to purchase some and arrange pickup and payment.

Taoist Tai Chi

New Introductory Sessions Starting

Wednesday the 25th of May – 9.30 to 10.30 am & 5.30 to 6.30 pm

218 Roseberry Mall, Tokoroa

Phone /Text: Angela 027 339 7177 or Brenda 021 11 99 401


Term 2 Calendar

  • Trustee Meeting - Thursday, 18th May
  • Pink Shirt Day - Friday, 19th May
  • EPRO8 - semi final Mokaia Int Rotorua Wednesday 24 May
  • Swimming Sports - Tuesday, 23rd May
  • Grandparents Day - Tuesday, 30th May
  • Waikato Intermediate Visual Arts - Thursday, 1st June
  • Teacher Only Day - Friday, 2nd June
  • King's Birthday - Monday, 5th June
  • Speech Finals - Thursday, 8th June
  • Waikato Intermediate Futsal - Tuesday, 13th June
  • School Cross Country - Thursday, 15th June
  • Trustee Meeting - Thursday, 15th June
  • Waikato Intermediate 1st 15 Rugby - Tuesday, 20th June
  • Manaaki in Raglan - Wednesday, 21st June
  • Waikato Intermediate Basketball - Tuesday, 27th June
  • Student-Parent-Teacher Interviews - Wednesday, 28th June
  • Student-Parent-Teacher Interviews - Thursday, 29th June
  • Term 2 ends - Friday, 30th June
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