Creyton Nisly

English 3

Hobbies and Activities

Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Soccer, Hanging out with friends, playing video games, watching YouTube videos on some of my favorite video games, and watching the Royals play baseball.

I was born in Hutchinson, Kansas on January 2, 2001 and I have always lived in the same house.

Schools Attended

All Buhler Schools!

The first school I attended was Early Ed, which was for my preschool years. Then, I went to Union Valley from kindergarten all the way through third grade. After I graduated from third grade, I went Prosperity for all three years. Sixth grade passed, then PHMS came. Eighth grade graduation went, and then freshman year.


I want to attend Kansas University.


Dad- Tim, Mom- Shelli, Sisters- Brittany, Sydnee, and Karson

Health Concerns

Nothing but allergies.

Contact Information

Dad's Number- 620-727-0220

Mom's Number- 620-960-0546


All photos and photo information are from Google.