Child Hunger

By: Eva Romero

Support or Volunteer

  1. Feed children need of food
  2. Thousands of children are dying of starvation every single day!
  3. These children don't deserve to die.


-These children's parents probably died or left them because they couldn't sub stand them on there own.

-Put yourself in the children's shoes, how would you feel.

These children could end up to be a very successful person in there future.

Don't let these Innocent children die.

How you can help

-There are many ways that you can help us in the Child Hunger Charity

-You can help this charity by donating food to us.

-You can also volunteer with us when we go and take the food to children

One dollar can make a big difference, it will bring 11 meals to us to give to children in need of food.

Connect with us

At our website

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin

1700 W. Fond Du Lac Avenue

All it takes is one dollar!

Do you think that these children would want to be in the same condition that they are in right now for the rest of their lives?

Takes you to a website

-I know that not everyone would want help this charity but you will be saving a life!!!

- Not everyone has the money to give or to buy food for us but you don't need money to

help the Child Hunger Charity, you can volunteer when we go and take the food to the children.