PDAS Training

Kayla Anderson


My Thoughts!

What I learned today from this training will promote student success because my success as an educator will lend itself to promotion of my students' success. What was presented in this training was on target with my beliefs because it focused on the professional development and growth as teachers instead of just the evaluation. PDAS is a reflective tool that will help me to set goals and grow as an educator. I really appreciated the setup of this training and the determination of the presenters to make this as fun and meaningful to us as they could. The integration of technology was great and I think it should continue to be integrated in future trainings. The only improvement I can think for this training is to try and add more movement. Even if it is using more of the "Expert" or "Jigsaw" method. Sitting in the same spot for quite some time, no matter the content of the training can lead to a loss of concentration. Honestly, it was a great training and I was really engaged in learning about PDAS. Thank you ladies for your time!