Lake Worth Cheer Competition!

competition is so exciting😊

before you go on stage

First you go to the practice side and get with your group. Second you get in your line up for your position for your dance. After that you listen to your coach tell you tips to do while performing. Next you practice for about five minutes then get in line to perform.

During competition!

When you hear your school name you walk up on stage and get in your spot. you stand in your spot waiting for your music to start. You do your dance as best as you can , then spirt off. When you walk off you and your team take a picture and talk to your coach. Then you get to go hang out at six flags till its time for your awards.


your group gathers up and sits down with the hundreds of other teams. When they start with the category you are entered in you start to listen and get nervous. Last year lakeworth got first place in the dance category. You receive your award and go to your coach. Since last year we got first so that sets the standard pretty high this year.
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