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Going Green With Professional Car Detailing Equipment

Going green has become an industry wide trend, not just in car washes and professional car detailing equipment, but in technology and equipment in general. So it’s not surprising that car washes and car wash equipment dealers are looking for ways to reduce water output and otherwise improve the car wash experience from an environmental standpoint.

Green car washes have spread like wildfire throughout the world, and the US is one of the last in the developed world to catch up. But not to be outdone, American distributors and manufacturers are coming up with more innovation than ever before.

Professional Car Detailing Equipment Is Using Less Water

WIth more options in professional car detailing equipment, people are going green. More specifically, manufacturers are looking for the best ways to minimize water use. By using steam and other methods, manufacturers have been able to cut water use down to a fraction of what it used to be, especially with professional machinery.

Forget about the buckets upon buckets of water at home, let alone the gallons of water used on every single car in a traditional car wash. We didn’t always know about saving the earth and conserving water and other resources. But as we learn more about our impact on the environment in general, manufacturers are forced to innovate. They are forced to jump ahead, whether they want to or not. Fortunately, there are many car wash equipment vendors who are rising to the challenge.

For car washes, this has the added benefit of also saving them significant amounts of money in overhead costs. You cut your continuing water costs down to a fraction of what they were, and especially if you live in a drought prone area, this could make a significant impact on your overall viability and profitability as a company.

Professional Car Detailing Equipment Requires Less Power Than Ever Before

Not only is professional car detailing equipment saving you money in water costs. It is also saving car washes and other users money in power and other fuel. With more efficient equipment, some of which even uses alternative fuels, your water bill isn’t the only thing that will be dropping quickly when you have innovative, state of the edge technology on your side.

When it comes to equipment that requires less power and fuel to do the same job, this isn’t just the sprayers or the other equipment that you might see in a drive through type car wash. It also includes any vacuums, fans that are used to dry your car, and other additional equipment that may be used to provide extra cleaning benefits for cars. Every piece of equipment that you use can be more efficient, using a fraction of the power, and therefore substantially cutting more over your overhead costs every single month.

A Better Clean Is Possible With Green Professional Car Detailing Equipment And Green Cleaners

Not only are manufacturers looking to make more efficient and green professional car detailing equipment. They are also making the chemicals used to clean your car more natural and less harmful to the environment. In some areas, car wash manufacturers are even looking to completely eliminate chemicals, instead opting for more efficient ways to use water to create a superior clean that will not attract more dirt and debris.

Eco-Friendly Professional Car Detailing Equipment Is Becoming Standard

Many companies are finding that it’s not just trendy to offer eco friendly professional car detailing equipment, it is becoming mandatory. Depending on where you live and operate, some government bodies are stricter than others, enforcing penalties, or even prohibiting you from doing business if you are not meeting certain environmental standards.

As we go forward, the chances will be significantly greater that you will not be able to operate a successful car wash without meeting certain environmental standards. Some of it will be government regulations. But some of it will also be consumer demand. People want to save money, and at the same time, they want to feel like they are giving something back or being better stewards of the land that they have been given. You are helping them to clean their cars while also maintaining that feeling.

Can Professional Car Detailing Equipment Really Mean Cheaper Prices On Car Washes?

There are numerous things that may come into play when you are considering which professional car detailing equipment to buy, not the least of which is cost. Due to the constant developments and the scarcity of options as compared to the old fashioned machinery, green technology may cost more upfront.

Over time, if you use it correctly, the costs will balance out. As you save money on both water and power bills, and more customers come in to pay for the service, you can make more money. Some car washes simply choose to get more customers while others set a higher price in the hopes of establishing themselves as a high class car wash with more luxurious options.

Whatever your plan, be prepared for the market’s movement into a green era, and more importantly, be prepared with the best mobile car detailing equipment for your money. You don’t want to be the only guy in town who has fallen behind, or worse yet, the only guy in town who doesn’t get the demographics available to you. You should be up with the times with the best car wash innovations.

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