The Digestive System

Tanner, Megan, Kaitlyn, Nathaniel

How can we improve lifestyle habits to prevent health- related problems?

We can improve lifestyles by eating healthier. When you eat non healthy food your body gets larger adding more fat. If we were hungry and wanted a snack most of us grab a bag of chips and soda. That is really unhealthy and is not good for your body. Soda is the worst thing to put into your body. We should not get fast food either. Fast food has tons of calories and fat. Putting that in your body is not good for you and if you do eat that stuff you should work out so you can lose the calories that you ate. Many people struggle with diabetes and other food disorders. This can happen when your born or it can happen over time if you eat certain food.

Poem rapped by Nathaniel Green


First is the mouth

the food goes south

into your tummy

where it gets all mushy

The Digestive System!

The Digestive System!

It travels around

to your small intestine

its a investigation

that happens in life

The Digestive System!

The Digestive System!

Your food has absorbed

but not disappeared

it goes to the large intestine

and its the end

of the investigation

The Digestive System!

The Digestive System!

Like I said

the food has absorbed

thats how we get our nutrients

it gives us energy every single day

thats how we can play sports and have fun every day

Its the Digestive System!

How does our system compare to others?

  • The vitamins, minerals, water and other energy sources are distributed through out the entire body in the circulatory system.
  • All water from what you continue are ejected out of the body in the urinary system.
  • Energy sources are transferred to the muscles as well as the rest of the body and gives the lungs, heart, abs, triceps, biceps, and other muscles the energy to contract by going to the brain , where it is turned pulses that contract the muscles.

Main components that make up our system:)

The digestive system made compounds are the mouth, esophagus( connects throat to the stomach) Stomach, liver/ gallbladder, pancreas( secretes a digestive fluid). Small intestine, colon(part of a large intestine). Rectum, and the anal canal(terminal part of the large intestine).

How our system works:)

The food breaks down and you get energy to fuel your body. The food then digests and the food metabolism (a process that helps a living thing live/ then the remainder is removed.

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The Digestive System