The New & Improved Writing Teacher

Thank you E340!


Prior to E340, I had not thought a lot about teaching writing to students. I figured I would teach my students how I was taught: with plan and simple writing. Give the students a prompt and have them write. Maybe I will just focus on iSTEP writing skills. But looking back, I hated writing in grade school. It would probably be smart to make writing more interesting to students. Thanks to E340 I know I can make this possible!


Since I have been opened up to the different ways to incorporate writing, I have an entire new philosophy on teaching writing. Students should be able to write to a prompt, but they should also have the ability to write their own topics, in their own ways, using their own creativity. I feel very strongly that students should be in control of their writing. I could give like a project like a Multigenre Research Project or a Writer's Notebook Project, but it would be important for the student to chose their own topic. They should also have the ability to use their own ideas to make each project their own. What I love most about these two projects is that they both allow students to write outside of their comfort zones and write types of genres that I was never exposed to as a student. I also think it is important for students to have free time to write. Maybe they want to keep a journal or write a novel over time. Overall, it is important for students to write as much as they can. To help this, I strongly believe that the students should continuously see the teacher writing. A teacher is a model for students and the teacher should always keep that in mind. Writing can be made enjoyable and I think that is important to incorporate into the classroom. Writing is so much more than prompts. I was exposed to the many types of writing genres in E340. Many of these genres and projects will be used in my future classroom. If I enjoyed these projects, I know my students will enjoy them too.

Examples of Work

Thank you Beth!