Kindergarten News


Happy St. Patrick's Day

We TRIED to catch some leprechaun but we had no luck! However we did create some excellent leprechaun traps with our friends. Great work, kiddos!

Friday, March 25th- No School (Good Friday)

April 2 - April 10th- Spring Break

Friday, April 15th- Science Fair (Kindergarten 1:00-3:00)

Sight Words

We have learned these sight words! Have your son/daughter look for them at home or in the environment!

  • a
  • I
  • the
  • and
  • like
  • is
  • see
  • go
  • am
  • me
  • to
  • my
  • it
  • are
  • be
  • not
  • up
  • as
  • you
  • will
  • have
  • by


This week, we...

-Learned about the subtraction symbol

-Played a subtracting game called "The Disappearing Train"

-Used shape, size, and color spinners to find shapes

-Played "Appearing and Disappearing Train" game using addition and subtraction mixed!

Writer's Workshop

We have been writing the various pages of our expert books. We also created a hook page this week, letting our readers know what our book was all about! They are coming together! Looking forward to getting ready to publish next week :)

Reader's Workshop

This week, we continued learning about Nonfiction books. We were specifically learning to ask questions about things in our nonfiction books and find similarities and differences between other facts that we know.


This week we focused on the o word families! We particularly focused on manipulating words within the -et and -ed families. Some examples of words include: log, hog, dog, fog, pot, hot, dot...


Whether kindergarteners are just looking at the pictures, pointing out letters, or even identifying words, having books for children to look at is ideal to helping them become a beginning reader AND start to have a love for reading!

Follow the directions below to purchase books. Your purchases will also give our class “points” which I can redeem for books and activities to use in our classroom!


ENTER the class activation code LYXLB

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SUBMIT the order to me, the teacher.

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