Number of Days Open: 15

Circulation Count: 5,145

Extra Checkouts: 240

Use by Class: 86

Library Instruction: Introduced books by Brian Floca, Six Flags Reading Program, nonfiction text features

Extra Materials Pulled For Teachers: Books on rocks, states, countries, state parks, books with nonfiction text features, lower level state books from Primary

Meetings/Training Attended:

Family Reading Night Dec. 18

District Librarians' Meeting Dec. 19

Management/Clerical Duties: Entered work order for installation of new printer, Draw Squad 12-1, 12-3, printed and sent letters for food baskets, packed up canned goods for church pickup, processed monthly magazines, shelved books, sold shirts, looked up student information in Skyward and added new students in ATRIUUM, printed new student barcodes, entered fines and payments in ATRIUUM and Skyward, printed and mailed overdue letters, prepared Jan. announcement ppt., set up for writing training.