Athletics COVID Testing

November 7, 2022

Screening Testing for Sports, Performance Arts, or Other Activities/Events

While COVID tests are no longer required for sports, we are still asking all families to fill out the permission slip for testing just in case we need to institute testing procedures during athletics. If you have already given permission for your student to be COVID testing you don't need to fill out the permission form again.

ALL student athletes MUST complete the following (linked below)

  • Registration for Rapid Antigen Testing (we do these on site)
  • Registration for PCR Testing (we send to the lab)
  • Permission Slip for Testing

The rapid antigen test results are available within 10-15 minutes.

By testing on site we can confirm right away if a student's symptoms are COVID related. Negative tests means kids won't be sent home for possible COVID related symptoms and can stay here at school. If you have a positive test you will be contacted by our health room assistant.

We MUST have permission from you to give either of the COVID tests. Please use the link at the top to give your permission PRIOR to the first day of practice.

COVID Rapid Antigen SimpleReport Registration

Student Athletes (unvaccinated) must be registered in the Simple Report system PRIOR to their first day of practice.

COVID PCR Testing Registration

This registration will appear as if you are making an appointment. It keeps your students info in the system until the day of the test.

Permission for COVID Testing

Please read the details below and then come back to this link to go to our online permission form. We will always call you before testing your student, by having the permission slip signed you won't need to come to the school to sign before testing.