Civil Rights

Grade 4 Social Studies

Curtis, C. P. (2000). The Watson's Go To Birmingham-1963. Laurel Leaf.

This book tells about the experiences of an African American family when they travel to Birmingham, Alabama during the civil rights movement. Lexile: 1000

Coles, R. (2010). The Story of Ruby Bridges. Scholarship Paperbacks.

This picture book tells the story of the first African American girl that integrated a New Orleans school. It tells of her experiences going to an all white school. Lexile: 730

Wiles, D. (2001). Freedom Summer. Aladdin.

This book tells the story about two boys that are friends in South during the summer of 1964 when the law was passed to end segregation. A new pool has opened up in their town and they can't wait to go swimming together. They find out that it takes much more than a law to change people's hearts. Lexile: 460

D. (2016). Civil Rights for Kids: African American Movement. Retrieved April, 2016, from

This article provides information about the Civil Rights Movement as well as its leaders and significant events. Lexile:770

BrainPopJr. (2014). Martin Luther King Jr. [video file] Retrieved from

This video shows Dr. Martin Luther Jr. giving his famous I Have A Dream speech.