We Shall Over Come

By: Mahalia Jackson, Civil Rights Movement By: Cassi Waymire


This was written in the civil rights movement era, and the overall message of this song is everything will work out, especially since "we" (African Americans" have God on our side. This song is telling hopeless people all over the world that is isn't done until you have given up, there is hope.

Intended Audience

This song was made for anyone who feels like they can't catch a break, anyone who feels broken, or useless. This song was made to regenerate hope in people who didn't know they could ever feel hope again.

The Mood

Why Was This Song Written?

This song has been sang by many different people, I couldn't find the original singer/writer. Just listening to it though there was only 1 reason this song was written, so people wouldn't give up on the movement. So they could remember they mattered too.

Why This Song?

I chose this song, with this artist because together they were powerful. Like I said, many people have redone this song, and I listened to a couple versions, but this is the one that stuck out the most to me.