Tsunamis in Japan respons plan

Time for you to be prepared


Tsunamis can be very dangerous so people should know what to do when a before doing and after a tsunami so have made a response plan for Japan so they are ready for when a tsunami dose come

What are tsunamis

Tsunamis are huge earth quakes on the ocean floors at the tectonic plates boundaries. When the ocean floor plate boundaries falls or rises the rolling waves will become tsunamis that then sends a sires of ocean waves.


Tsunamis are caused by huge earth quakes in the ocean so if we want to stop tsunamis we will have to stop earth quakes and there isn't really a way to stop earth quakes but there are ways to reduce damage for you and people around you. 1 way is to have a strong structure to live in that can prevent flooding and your house from being knocked over. Another to reduce effects for your self is to live on high elevation so your house doesn't get flooded


To reduce the effects from a tsunami can be tough but its still possible to reduce the effects for your self and your property and things like your house. After a tsunami hits it can cause massive flooding and any house or store close to the ground will be either under water or definitely flooded thats why its good to live in high elevation like a apartment during a tsunami so your house doesn't flood.


Before a tsunami you will need a lot of things, things like food, water, shelter but after a tsunami it will all ready be to late so its good to be prepared before it hits. There are some ways you can be prepared for a tsunami some ways are to have a high elevated house like an apartment but you cant just go and buy and buy a apartment when a tsunami is on its way thats why its always good to have a stable house so you can still be safe when the tsunami smashes into your house and it also wont kill you to keep a med kit in your house or any thing that can heal a wound just in case if some one gets injured.


When a tsunami is coming it shouldn't be hard to spot that gives you enough time to find some thing to go into so you don't get pushed away by the tsunami. After a tsunami there will be a massive amount of flooding so its good to live in a apartment so high away from the flooding and your materials like food, water and other belongings and you don't have to be looking for shelter after the tsunami but if your house sadly gets flooded you should go stay at a friend's house and wait for the water to be all gone


There really wont be any thing we can do to get Japan back to the way it was with our own to hands the best thing to do after a tsunami is to let the water evaporate because Japans average temperature is really hot so it wont be to long for all the water to evaporate