Fred ShuttlesWorth

By: Cameron Jones


Fred Shuttlesworth was born march 18 and died on october 5th 2011 lived in mount meigs alabama. His name was originally fred lee robinson but he took the last name of his stepfather who married his mom who worked as a farmer and a coal miner his family was pretty large group of people. Before he went off the college he was the valedictorian for his class and had many many spread out jobs before he found out what he really wanted to pursue in. He earned his B.A at Selma University then moved on to get his B.S at Alabama State College.

Inspired To An Activist

ShuttlesWorth was a pastor at birmingham bethel baptist church. After the Court held Brown V Board of education he was inspired to become a civil rights activist. Rosa Parks Had also inspired Fred shuttlesworth because of the city wide boycotts that took place on buses restaurants and how the fought for what the negroes had believed in and that is being able to sit where ever you want on buses sit and eat where ever you wanted in restaurants.

Taking Action

Ways that fred shuttlesworth took action in helping the movement was many of reasons. After multiple attacks on the Freedom Riders Fred Provided refugees help.

He also outreached to Attorney General Robert Kennedy for assistance when it came to help the civil movement.

he Also worked along side Dr. Martin Luther KIng he convinced Him to make Birmingham the main point of interest during the Civil rights movement because there had been a lot of hatred and crime all around the area.

Legacy Left Behind

The legacy that i believed Fred Shuttlesworth left behind is helping shape the future which would be talking about the restaurants buses and bathrooms. being able to eat in a seat where ever you would choose is important because back when civil rights was going on they would have colored only seats and the service would be poor and utensils plates are some what not as clean. He worked along side MLK and was a activist in the civil rights movement. the way i believe he helped shaped the youth for the present day and many years to come.